Fans Think Holly Marie Combs Is Hinting That She Might Be Joining "Riverdale"

1 June 2018, 15:35

Riverdale Holly Marie Combs PLL
Picture: Netflix/Freeform
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Charmed and Pretty Little Liars star Holly Marie Combs has been liking tweets about playing the role of Jughead's mum.

Now that season three of Riverdale is almost within reaching distance, it's time to start speculating about theories, storylines, characters and new cast members.

A few weeks ago, a rumour about a PLL actor joining the cast of Riverdale made the rounds on Twitter and of course, despite being a r u m o u r, the fandom immediately started speculating over who in the cast could realistically join the Riverdale squad.

Everyone jumped at the assumption that it was going to be known stan of the show, Lucy Hale but she shut down that rumour pretty quickly.

So, if it's not Lucy Hale, who could it be? Well, there's two Jones family members that are already guaranteed to show up in season three and, as far as we know, haven't been cast yet. One of those family members? Jughead's mum, obviously. (She goes by Gladys in the Archie comics but hasn't been mentioned by name in the show yet.)

With that in mind, fans started speculating that Charmed legend Holly Marie Combs, who also played Aria's mum Ella Montgomery in PLL could be joining the cast as FP's estranged wife Gladys. Why her? Well, it all boils down to the fact that she's been liking a bunch of tweets about the role...

Uhhhh, Piper Halliwell as Jughead's mum? YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. SIGN US UP. WE'RE ONBOARD.

Of course, it's just speculation at the moment and a liked tweet doesn't mean anything but what's a bit of speculation between friends, Riverdale conspirators and HMC, right?

It's not the first time a Pretty Little Liars actor has been linked with Riverdale either. Fans previously thought Lucy Hale was joining Riverdale after one Instagram conversation with Madelaine Petsch was taken the wrong way. And when the news broke that Betty's brother Chic would be joining the cast, fans had a few PLL actors in mind for that role too. Drew Van Acker and Tyler Blackburn were both strongly favoured for the role amongst the fandom but as we all know, neither of them were cast.

So, whaddya think? Would Holly Marie Combs make the perfect addition to the Jones family, or are you still holding out hope for Skeet Ulrich's Scream co-star Neve Campbell? Guess we'll just have to sit tight and wait until season three to see what happens.