Fans Think One Of Polly's Twins Is In SERIOUS Danger On "Riverdale"

19 March 2018, 17:15

Polly Cooper Twins In Danger Riverdale
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

And it's all to do with the "Blossom Twin Curse"...

In case you missed it, a LOT of stuff happened on the latest episode of Riverdale. There was a surprise appearance from someone who we thought was dead, there was a sneaky DNA test, Chic continued to be weird AF and Jughead exposed the Lodge's big ol' masterplan thanks to some scalding tea from our lost lost Smithers.

But there was one revelation in "There Will Be Blood" that really got the fandom shook... and it's all to do with Polly's babies.


In the latest episode, we meet the suspiciously untrustworthy Claudius Blossom, Clifford's twin brother who explains the Blossom family curse. Legend has it that in the Blossom family, "one of the twins always meets a violent end, and often at the hands of the other."

And after sharing the curse with the rest of us, all the deaths in the Blossom family sort of clicked into place. While we don't know if Grandpappy Cooper and Grandpappy Blossom were actually twins, we do know that they were brothers and we do know that one died at the hands of the other. We now also know that Claudius and Clifford are twins and while it hasn't been proved that one killed the other (yet), we can probably guess that's what this whole storyline is hinting at. And then, of course, there's Jason and Cheryl... while Cheryl didn't kill Jason, we all know that he did meet a very violent end.

Basically, if you're a twin in the Blossom family, it's clear that things probably aren't going to go well for you which is why fans are starting to panic about Polly Cooper's twins, Juniper and Dagwood.

Because if one Blossom twin always meets a violent end, then surely one of Polly's twins - who are Blossoms by blood - will find themselves in danger at some point in the future.

Obviously, Riverdale is not going to kill off a baby. But we're just saying, it's a good thing Polly hopped in a cab and fled to San Francisco because somewhere along the line, when they're grown adults, the curse is gonna strike and one of them will find themselves in a LOT of danger.

If it came down to it... our money is on teenage Juniper escaping in the clutch with the Blossom fortune.