27 HUGE Plot Holes And Questions That "Riverdale" Needs To Explain ASAP

10 October 2018, 20:10

Riverdale Plot Holes and Unanswered Questions
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

There's so much that doesn't make ANY sense and yet... it's still my favourite TV show?

It's been almost five whole months since Riverdale closed out its second season with Archie being dragged to jail after being framed and accused of murdering Cassidy Bullock and we're still not over it. A lot of stuff went down in the town with pep last season and with it, came a LOT of questions and a lot of storylines that will no doubt continue well into season three.

But for every answer the show did give us (Chic's true parentage (or should we say, Charles?), Hiram's game plan, the Black Hood), it also left us with three times as many unresolved plot points.

From glaring plot holes and dropped storylines, here's every single question that Riverdale season two has left unanswered:


1) What happened in the barn with daddy?

Remember in the very first episode when Cheryl sashayed her way into the hospital to warn her burnt and crispy mother Penelope to stop the abuse or she'll spill all of her secrets including what really happened in the barn with daddy? Now, unless we're mistaken, that question has not been answered. Was Cheryl referring to Clifford's suicide? Was she referring to his illegal drug running business? Or was she alluding to some kind of grizzly murder staged as a suicide by Penelope? ANSWER ME!!!!

2) No, seriously... who shot Fred?

When the shooter shows up at Archie's house and shoots Fred for a second time, Archiekins instantly recognises his eyes as the man from the diner. At this point, Hal has already confessed to shooting Fred the first time but as we all know, the man in the Andrews house is NOT Hal. So was Hal lying? Does Archie have really a bad memory or was it just a brief flash of PTSD?

3) Why did Hal have an affair with Penelope when his murder policy was all about morals and sinning?

There was so much going on at the end of season two that there was literally no time for Hal to actually explain how and why he committed all those murders - and why he broke his own 'rules'. Last time we checked, adultery was pretty high on the list of "sinning" for Hal Cooper... it was literally his reasoning for shooting Fred, for Christ's sake. Thank god Alice called him out on it because otherwise, it might have gone unchecked. A lot of Hal's Black Hood story remains unanswered and after everything this god damn show has put us through, we are owed an explanation.

4) Was Pop meant to be the first victim?

When the Black Hood first rolled up to Pop's on the morning Fred was shot, he had a gun to Pop's head and wasn't really interested in Fred until he confronted him. Fred's shooting still feels like it was just a "wrong place at the wrong time" kinda thing and not pre-meditated at all. So, whats_the_truth.gif


5) Where did Chic go?

After being clocked as a fraud by Betty and beaten up by Jughead, Chic was sent packing. At the end of episode 19, a gun-wielding Betty tells Chic to run just as the Black Hood shows up and starts chasing him.

Now, we know that Chic is NOT dead, so where did he go and why did Hal let him go? What made Hal spare his life? Were they working together this whole time? Hal did seem suspiciously tolerant of him when he came crawling back to Alice during the musical episode after all.

6) If Chic wasn't actually the real Charles, why was he cutting everyone out of the picture?

Was he just feeling the spirit of Charles and seeking revenge in his ol' pal's name or was he actually up to something else? Did he just want to single out Alice so he could finally have a mother of his own? WHAT IS GOING ON?

7) Is the real Charles actually alive?

Again - if we haven't seen an actual dead body, we're not believing a damn thing. After confronting Chic in the basement, Alice soon learns that her real son, Charles, is dead. Allegedly. Chic reveals Charles, his one time roommate, overdosed on Jingle Jangle after showing up at the Cooper home and being dismissed by Alice at the door. Turns out, that wasn't true.

After Betty and Jughead pay a visit to Chic's neighbour at the hostel, Chic then comes clean and reveals that he "killed" Charles - but is he telling the truth? With all these conflicting stories, could it be that Alice and FP's love child just ran away and is actually still alive somewhere near by? Given that a scene involving Alice at an unmarked grave was cut out of the season, it definitely means that Charles could possibly pop up at some point in the future.

8) Who the F*CK is Ben?

The mysterious Ben has popped up in the show three times now and yet, no one quite knows who he is or what he wants. His appearances were much more prominent in the second season; he was the last underage boy Miss Grundy ever laid her hands on, and he was also spotted leaving the Cooper house after a meeting with Chic... in his bedroom.

But who is he? Show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already hinted that Ben is more important than we think, telling ET's Sweetwater Secrets that "there is a resonance as to why he keeps popping up, but stay tuned. There will be more sightings." Is he the real Charles? Honestly, anything is possible at this point... Logic be damned.


9) Is Tall Boy really dead?

In the season finale, Sheriff Minetta reveals that Tall Boy was captured and killed after being tipped off by someone that he was the second Black Hood. As we all know, Minetta is working with Hiram - as was Tall Boy once upon a time. Did Hiram actually have him killed to cover his tracks or was it all a lie to get Archie off his back once and for all?

10) Why is Betty not writing an exposé on the Sisters Of Quiet Mercy?

This season, it was revealed that not only do the Sisters cater for young, un-wed expectant mothers looking to give birth and then dash, they also dabble in gay conversion therapy, which is banned in many states across the US. It's a preeeeeetty big deal and yet Betty and co. haven't so much as reported it to anyone.

It also looks like Betty is sent to the SOQM in season three. What for? Anyone's guess at this point but hopefully she'll have some tea for a Blue and Gold exclusive when she's out. #TheLanaWintersOfRiverdale

11) Why didn't Penelope care about Cheryl escaping the Sisters?

When Cheryl was saved by Toni, Veronica and Kevin, she went straight home to Thistlehouse and her mother didn't so much as bat an eyelid. Penelope didn't even try to force her back in or anything. No one cared. It was as if it never happened. Weird.

12) What promise did FP break with Penny?

Back in episode 7 of this season, Penny Peabody tells Jughead that FP once made her a promise that he didn't keep. 15 episodes later, we still don't know what that promise was... Was it something to do with the leadership of the Serpents? Was it a romantic thing? Something to do with Gladys, FP's estranged Serpent biker wife? WE DON'T KNOW.

In an interview with THR, Aguirre-Sacasa hints that we should take a deeper look at episode 7 for clues on what could happen in season 3 so by the sounds of things, this will probably be answered next season.

13) Why did Hal never try to kill FP or any of the serpents?

FP was the leader of the Serpents. He was thrown in jail for the cover-up of Jason Blossom's murder. The gang was known for running drugs and doing some very shady shit. FP was literally one of Riverdale's premiere sinners and yet... the Black Hood didn't wanna post up. Interesting...


14) Also, why didn't Hal attempt to kill Hermione?

Hermione was the one doing all that adultery with Fred... and yet he never tried to kill her? The good sis Alice was right - he's a shitty husband AND a shitty murderer.


What the FUCK did Midge do to deserve that?! She did one bump of Jingle Jangle (which almost got her shot) and had a smooch with Fangs (which got her pinned to a prop wall with knives)... what got Hal so rattled that he had to kill a 16-year-old girl?!

(Lochlyn Munro is back on board for season three so we'll probably (hopefully) get a complete run down of when, how and why Hal killed all these people...)

16) If Hal lied about the whole Great Grandpappy drama, then why didn't Clifford or Penelope call him out on it in season one when the Coopers confronted them at Thornhill?

WHAT IS THE TRUTH? I need someone to sit me down and explain to me, WITHOUT LYING, what exactly went down with the Blossoms and the Coopers back in the day. Surely the Blossoms would jump at the chance to clear their name and their side of the family history, and set the record straight?

17) Is Claudius actually Claudius or is Claudius actually Clifford?

Or maybe we're all reading too much into this one?

18) How on EARTH is Veronica legally allowed to buy a) property at the age of 16 and b) a speakeasy?

Just like Chuck Bass before her, the underage millionaire was apparently able to purchase a bar with no questions asked. Look, we know the Whyte Wyrm isn't exactly the most legal of places in the first place but Attorney McCoy has some explaining to do. She's gonna get suspended from the law if she carries on.

19) Why did FP reject Alice at Pop's?

To be fair, this is not actually a plot hole, it's just an unanswered question (one of several) that'll probably be answered and explained in season three - and I also just wanted an excuse to talk about Falice for a sec.

So, about that rejection... Was he feeling guilty about cheating on his wife? His main goal has literally been trying to get her to come back for the past two seasons, after all. Then again, he didn't seem that hesitant when he actually let Alice into the trailer with her snake print, dark lips and boobs, did he? So what's the damn prOBLEM, FORSYTHE?

The answer probably lies within that lil' pink envelope that FP was going to give to Alice at the musical but never managed to because of Hal (ugh). Might we finally see the contents of the letter in season 3?

20) Why hasn't the government got involved with this yet?

We know that the show exists in the real world (Kevin watches Drag Race, Love Simon exists in the universe of the characters etc...) and yet NO ONE else is reporting on this or even investigating all the murder and extortion of the most dramatic town in America?? EXPLAIN.


21) How was Cheryl able to join the Serpents so easily and without initiation?

Betty had to do the damn dance and people were still pressed about her attendance at Serpent gatherings. We know it's a new era for the Serpents seeing as Jug is now in charge (lol at that) but why have all the other members of the gang suddenly had a change of heart about a Northsider joining the ranks? The Serpents aren't exactly on good terms with the Blossom family either... Cheryl's dad did frame FP for murder. Who knew they forgave so easily?!

22) If Kevin cast Alice in the musical because "there's nothing more amateur than age inappropriate casting", then why was Josie cast as the gym teacher?

This question keeps me up at night. Seriously.


Did Val and Melody suddenly drop out of school after Josie left the pussycats? Because the last time we checked, they're still students at Riverdale High and they still have the same friendship group. Bring back... my girls!

24) Is Hermione gonna give Betty $1,000,000 for capturing the Black Hood or what?


25) Where does Alice get all these tasteful snake print clothes at such short notice?

Does she have a walk-in wardrobe full of it just incase? Did she keep it all in storage, hidden from Hal? Is there a store in Riverdale that stocks tasteful serpent aesthetic clothing? Next day delivery? I need answers and I also need an address.

26) Did Betty ever get her wig back from her mum?

GOOD NEWS: Dark Betty is officially dead. Confirmed by Lili Reinhart, the wig will never be seen again. But like, if next year's musical turns out to be Chicago or Cabaret, Elizabeth is gonna be needing that back ASAP.

27) And the most important and infuriating plot hole of all... Hal 👏 doesn't 👏 have 👏 green 👏 eyes.

Throughout the entire show, the Black Hood's eyes were the centre focus of the investigation and yet the final reveal proved that it was all just a false lead. It could be explained as simply as a mistake on Archie's part - sometimes, when you're put through an intense amount of trauma like that, you can forget details or get things mixed up.

But here's the thing... instead of passing off the storyline as a false memory, they digitally edited Hal's eyes to look green. So now we're stuck with a huge plot hole because Hal has always had BLUE eyes.

Yeah, sure, Lochlyn Munro never actually wore the mask to do the murders on-screen, and the writers only decided it was Hal toward the end of the season but if that was the case, WHY MAKE THE EYES SUCH A BIG DEAL? FFS, Riverdale.