Outer Banks season 2 ending explained: How the shock twist sets up season 3

30 July 2021, 16:52

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What happens at the end of Outer Banks season 2? Here's your full explanation of everything that happened – and what it means for Outer Banks season 3.

So... that Outer Banks season 2 ending, huh? Where do we even begin?! Just when you thought Outer Banks couldn't get any better than that massive shock ending in season 1, the season 2 ending might have just blown it out of the water.

Outer Banks season 2 kicks off a few weeks after the end of season 1, with John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) in Nassau and the Pogues back home in the OBX. Once they reunite, the show ups the stakes with a brand new treasure hunt and new deadly obstacles.

Here's a recap of everything that happens in the final episode, and how it sets up all the potential storylines for a possible third season. There's major spoilers in this article so don't scroll ahead if you haven't finished the season yet!

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WARNING: Major Outer Banks season 2 ending spoilers ahead!

Outer Banks season 2 ending explained: What happened?
Outer Banks season 2 ending explained: What happened? Picture: Netflix

Did Ward Cameron die? How did he survive the explosion?

Surprise, bitch! After appearing to blow himself up while on board his boat, Ward Cameron is revealed to be alive and well (thanks to his scuba gear and a bit of perfect timing), and is onboard the cargo ship with Sarah and the rest of the Cameron family. The Cameron family are heading to an island off Guadaloupe, with the gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo in the cargo hold.

Ward revealed that he faked his death to escape Shoupe and the police back home after finally being exposed as an accomplice in Peterkin’s death (he took the fall for Rafe, who actually shot and killed the Sheriff), and for killing Gavin earlier in the season.

Why does Ward try to kill Sarah?

Later in the episode, Ward catches Sarah escaping the cargo ship on a boat, but before she can get away, Ward attacks her and almost kills her after “realising” that she’ll never be a Cameron again. Basically, he believes that there’s no way the Cameron family will continue to get away with everything they've done as long as Sarah’s heart is with the Pogues.

Just as Ward is about to strangle Sarah to death, John B punches him. Ward then ends up falling backwards and hits his head on the steel edge of the ship. John B goes to throw Ward overboard to die, just as Ward did to John B’s father, but he ultimately decides against it.

Later in the episode, we find out that Ward is stable and is recovering from his fall. He survives again but he does not care that he has the gold and the Cross… His main concern is Sarah.

Does Ward Cameron die in Outer Banks season 2?
Does Ward Cameron die in Outer Banks season 2? Picture: Netflix

What happens to the Cross of Santo Domingo?

After commandeering the cargo ship, Pope, Kie, JJ and Cleo attempt to move the Cross out of the ship’s hold by using the crane but Pope gets cornered while doing so. He orders Cleo to let go of the rope as he lets the Cross fall, with the intention of letting the it sink into the ocean. If the Pogues can’t have it, no one can.

Rafe manages to grab hold of the rope before the entire thing sinks, and the rest of the crew help him pull it back aboard the ship as the Pogues escape. The half-a-billion dollar Cross of Santo Domingo ends up in the possession of the Cameron family.

Where are the Pogues now?

After escaping the Camerons and the cargo ship, the Pogues end up on a deserted beach on an unknown island, which JJ dubs “Poguelandia”.

Until they figure out what their next move is in regards to getting the treasure back from the Camerons, they start on making the beach into their new home. Cleo, who managed to escape with them, is welcomed into the Pogues as the newest member.

Back home in the Outer Banks however, the teens are reported as missing. Rafe appears to be the only person who saw the Pogues escape on the boat, but seeing as him and his family are now in hiding, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be phoning home to let people know.

Outer Banks season 3: What happens to the Pogues next?
Outer Banks season 3: What happens to the Pogues next? Picture: Netflix

What happened to John B’s dad? How is he alive?

In the final scene of the episode, Limbrey arrives at a house in Barbados with a letter addressed to her, baring the wheat symbol. As she enters the house, she sees maps all over the walls and is then greeted by Big John Routledge, who is very much alive.

After Ward threw him overboard and left him to die, he was rescued at some point and brought to Barbados “half-dead”, where he’s been recovering, hiding and continuing his searches. He tells Limbrey that he knows where the garment she is looking for is located, but in return, he wants her to help John B.

What does all of that mean for Outer Banks season 3?

The ending of Outer Banks season 2 essentially sets up 4 new storylines going into season 3.

  • The Pogues and their plan to get the treasure back.
  • The Camerons who are now in hiding somewhere near Guadeloupe.
  • Everyone back in the OBX who believe the kids are missing.
  • The mystery surrounding John B’s dad, who is alive, and his connection to Limbrey.

Outer Banks season 3 will likely dive deeper into the mystery surrounding the treasure from The Royal Merchant – particularly now John B’s dad is back in business. The third season could build up to an emotional reunion between John B and his father.

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