Outer Banks: Is John B's bandana the missing shroud? The theory explained

2 August 2021, 21:14

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A viral theory suggests that John B's bandana could be the garment that Limbrey was searching for in Outer Banks season 2.

As well as on the ongoing fight for the Royal Merchant gold, Outer Banks season 2 introduced us to another treasure that Denmark Tanny managed to save from the shipwreck: The Cross of Santo Domingo.

In season 2, Pope meets Carla Limbrey, an old business partner of Ward Cameron, who is in search of an ancient holy artefact that is contained within the cross. According to Tanny's diary, the cross contains a garment that is said to "cure the sick of any malady" if they touch it.

In the end, Limbrey fails to locate the shroud but in the final episode of the season, it's revealed that John B's dad (who is alive, by the way!) knows exactly where it is.

The mystery will now roll over into season 3, but days after watching season 2, fans have come up with a theory that will make you gasp. Could John B's bandana, the one that he wears around his neck that used to belong to his father, be the actual holy garment?

Where did John B get his bandana from?

Is John B's bandana the shroud from the Cross of Santo Domingo?
Is John B's bandana the shroud from the Cross of Santo Domingo? Picture: Netflix

Posted on Reddit by u/Sri-Lankan-Lad, the theory suggests that the shroud a.k.a. the garment that Limbrey was searching for, has actually already been found – and is already in John B’s possession.

The theory reads: “So... that finale was wild. Anyway, Big John is somehow alive and offered to help the crazy Limbery [sic] lady find the shroud. My theory is that he's ALREADY found it and given it to John B.

Now, remember when John B got bitten by a crocodile and tied his necktie around his leg. I have a feeling that the necktie was part of the shroud because if the legend is true, his leg really did get healed because after a while he was fine to run, walk and even jump over walls. What do y'all think?”

Interesting, right?! The theory has also gone viral on TikTok, with over 1.4 million views on one of the videos.

Where did John B get his bandana from?
Where did John B get his bandana from? Picture: Netflix

The theory certainly explains why John B has managed to survive all these dangerous situations, like almost drowning in the middle of the ocean after his boat capsized, falling from the tower and getting bitten by an alligator. Sarah has also touched it, which could possibly explain how she eventually survived her gunshot wound too.

But while it certainly makes a lot of sense (Big John hiding another important artefact in plain sight by giving it to his teenage son? It’s absolutely something he would do), some people have already pointed out a few inconsistencies with the theory.

If the bandana was the shroud, then Sheriff Peterkin wouldn’t have died as John B used the bandana directly in an attempt to stop the bleeding after she was shot by Rafe.

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Whether or not the shroud is John B's bandana (or maybe even just a part of it) remains to be seen. At the end of season 2, Big John revealed to Limbrey that he knows exactly where it is. Maybe that’s how Big John managed to survive his near-death experience in the first place? Maybe the person who saved him is in possession of it?

Honestly, bring on season 3... I need answers ASAP.

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