'Orange Is The New Black’ Fans Are OUTRAGED By Taystee’s Season 6 Storyline

1 August 2018, 18:10

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

She didn't have anything to do with Piscatella's death...

'Orange Is the New Black' fans were blessed last Friday when the beloved prison drama returned with its sixth season. After a year of waiting to find out what would happen in the wake of the Litchfield riot, our questions have finally been answered. We now know that the inmates have been transferred to a maximum security prison and that the MCC are using them as scapegoats for everything that happened. Sigh.

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One of the main scandals of Season 5 was that CO Piscatella was accidentally shot by Officer Natoli when the CERT officers broke into Litchfield to end the riot. Fast forward to Season 6 and they've done everything that they can to make it seem like they are not to blame. And, seeing as Taystee's fingerprints are on the gun that killed Piscatella, she becomes the lead suspect in Piscatella's murder.


Taystee. Picture: Netflix

Despite huge help from former warden Joe Caputo and additional support from the Black Lives Matter movement, Taystee is charged guilty with the murder of Joe Piscatella at the end of Season 6. To make things even more soul-destroying, Suzanne and Cindy actually witnessed the officers cover up the murder but don't speak up out of fear that they will end up having to do more time in prison.

The entire storyline is horrific to watch. Not only is Taystee one of the show's most likeable and loving characters but seeing her be falsely charged like this after all that she's been through is devastating. All Taystee ever wanted was justice for Poussey's death and, in attempting to get it, she has been framed for a crime that she didn't commit.

Unsurprisingly, fans are outraged. Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some people are saying it loud and clear.

Facts are facts.

Actually it deserves caps.

We know that the prison system is corrupt but give our queen a break.

Others are pointing out glaring plot holes.

Some points were made.

A couple of viewers are tweeting baout how minor the crimes are that Taystee actually committed.

This is ridiculous.

Then there are those who think that it's actually a really important depiction of the US justice system.

These things happen every day.

Still it doesn't make it any easier to watch.

We just want to best for our faves.

And it's not just Taystee who is screwed over.

OITNB has played with our hearts too much.