Daddy From 'Orange Is the New Black' Is Dating McCullough IRL

31 July 2018, 15:21

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

We ship them with all of our hearts...

Orange Is the New Black has returned. Netflix premiered the beloved series' sixth season on Friday and many fans have already binge-watched it all back to front. Not only does it answer many of the questions that fans were left with at the end of Season 5, it also opens up dramatic new storylines with fan favourites including Taystee, Suzanne and Gloria. Six years in and the comedy-drama is still captivating af.

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It's not just the well-known protagonists (Piper, Marisol, Cindy) who've got people talking though. Fans are also living for the new characters who've been added to the show. Murderous sister duo Carol and Barb have just taken the internet by storm thanks to their rivalry and villain Madison is on everyone's lips. However, it's Daddy who's all over social media right now and not just because of her performance.

Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black. Picture: Netflix // Instagram

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black is set in a maximum security prison where the Litchfield inmates have been transferred after their riot in Season 5. Daddy (a.k.a Dominga Duarte) essentially runs Block D of the facility and is key to the majority of the main plotlines in Season 6. Drug-trafficking, gang antics, romance - Daddy is your girl.

Nevertheless, it's Daddy's real-life romance that has fans obsessed. Daddy is played by The Voice contestant Vicci Martinez (she came third in the show's debut season) and she is dating Emily Tarver, who plays officer CO McCullough on the show. Speaking to The News-Tribune, Vicci said: “We are super in love.”

Here is the adorable couple together.

Our hearts.

They even sing together.

You Make It Easy by Vicci Martinez Anne Emily Tarver

We stan. Naturally, the internet does too.

Here are some of the best reactions.