Everyone Is Obsessed with Carol and Barb On 'Orange Is The New Black’

30 July 2018, 13:44

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The sister duo are the stars of the season...

Orange Is The New Black is back with its sixth season. Netflix released 13 new episodes of the Emmy Award winning prison drama on Friday and people have been bingeing them ever since. Fans were eager to find out the answers to all the many questions they were left with at the end of Season 5. What happened after the riot in Litchfield? Would Taystee get any justice for Poussey? Who would return to the show?

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Thankfully all of those questions have now been answered (to a certain extent at least) but viewers are now obsessing over something else altogether. This season OINTB introduced an array of new characters. The Voice contestant Vicci Martinez joined as Daddy and Last Man Standing actress Amanda Fuller plays Madison, but it's Carol and Barb Denning that internet is really losing it over.

The new season changes setting from Litchfield to a maximum security prison in which Carol and her sister Barb are two of the most renowned inmates. They were imprisoned for attempting to murder their younger sister Debbie (watch Episode 10 for all of the horrific details) and they've since both become rivals in max. It's their strained relationship which acts as the catalyst for most of Season 6's drama.

Who plays Carol, Young Carol, Barb and Young Barb?

Orange Is The New Black
Orange Is The New Black. Picture: Netflix

Both parts are acted to perfection. Present day Carol is played by Henny Russell (Freeheld) and Young Carol is played by Ashley Jordyn (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) in all of the flashbacks. Meanwhile, Mackenzie Phillips (One Day At a Time) stars as Barb and Lauren Kelston (Last Night In Brooklyn) is Young Barb.

Unsurprisingly, the internet can't get enough of the sister duo. Here are just a few of the best reactions to them.

Some love Carol and Barb so much that they want the next series to just be about them.

We NEED to see more of their story.

Others are campaigning for a spinoff.

10/10 would watch. Although if they are getting their own spinoff, V from Season 2 can get one as well.

A few viewers are still struggling to process what Carol and Barb did to their sister.

Yeah. It's a lot. They are amazing characters on TV but they can stay on TV.

Some fans are keen to point out how great the casting is.

It is everything.

People are particularly into Young Carol and Young Barb.

Is it okay to find murderers stylish? Asking for a friend.

Some people love Carol and Barb in both their old and young forms.

No comment.