One Piece live-action praised for casting trans actor Morgan Davies as Koby

5 September 2023, 17:36

Behind the scenes of One Piece on Netflix

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Koby is a fan favourite character from the original manga series.

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One Piece fans are praising Netflix for casting trans actor Morgan Davies as Koby in the live action version of the TV series.

Ever since Netflix first announced that they were adapting One Piece into a live action show, fans have been intrigued to see how the actors would bring the characters from the manga series to life. Thankfully, the cast do not disappoint. Iñaki Godoy excels as prospective pirate Monkey D. Luffy and fans can't get enough of Mackenyu as master swordsman Roronoa Zoro

However, it's Morgan Davies' standout performance as Luffy's friend/cabin boy Koby that's truly capturing viewers' hearts.

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One Piece live-action praised for casting trans actor Morgan Davies as Koby
One Piece live-action praised for casting trans actor Morgan Davies as Koby. Picture: Netflix, Toei Animation

Reacting to Morgan's acting in the show, one fan said: "My favorite casting in the One Piece Live Action is Morgan Davis as Koby. He plays timid and scared so very well while not being hyper scared like his anime counterpart." Another fan wrote: "Morgan Davies as koby in one piece is just too perfect."

Morgan is also trans in real life and people have lauded the show for casting a trans actor as Koby. A fan tweeted: "I found out Koby is played by a trans actor in the one piece live action and it makes me so happy to see a trans actor in such a big role without the character being trans too!"

Someone else added: "Just found out the Actor who plays Our Prince Koby in #ONEPIECE (Morgan Davies) is Trans and as a Trans girl this makes me feel so seen & full of Trans Joy."

Morgan first started acting when he was just 7 years old. Discussing his love of acting with Vogue Australia in 2021, Morgan said: "I really like becoming someone else and even back then I did too. I’ve always really cared how people see me, so I liked being able to switch off [who I am] and instead bring someone else to life. It’s like a superpower."

Morgan also said that coming out as trans as a child actor was initially difficult. He explained: "At 13 I came out as trans, just to mum and Catherine [his trusted agent and friend Catherine Poulton] and a few close friends. I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the fuck am I and where am I going?’"

Morgan came out publicly playing Oberon in the 2020 series The End. Since then, he has gone on to play the likes of Danny in the Evil Dead Rise movies.

Fingers crossed One Piece gets renewed and we get to see more of Morgan as Koby in a second season!

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