Here's the exact shoes Wednesday Addams wears in the Netflix series

25 November 2022, 13:37 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 10:10

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What shoes does Wednesday Addams wear in the Netflix series? Here's where to buy Wednesday's black chunky lace-up shoes that she wears with her school uniform.

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One thing about Wednesday Addams: No matter who is playing her, she'll always be a style icon. And Jenna Ortega's newest iteration of the iconic character is no exception.

Netflix's Wednesday brings a new version of everyone's fave all-black wearing, gloomy teen to the screen, and this time, she's got a bit of a Gen Z edge to her.

Discussing her own inspirations for Wednesday's style in the new series, Jenna revealed that she included Billie Eilish on her personal moodboard. Speaking to USA Today, she said: "We weren't making her like every other teenage girl."

As a result, Wednesday wears a lot of oversized sweaters and hoodies, and plenty of chunky shoes that set her apart from her schoolmates. And it seems like her wardrobe has been a hit with viewers because tweets have been rolling in from people desperate to get their hands on the black platform shoes that Wednesday wears in the show.

Thankfully for you, we've found the exact pair she's wearing – and a load of affordable dupes if you can't afford the real designer pair.

Where are Wednesday's chunky black shoes from in Wednesday?

Here's where to buy Wednesday Addams black chunky shoes from the Netflix show
Here's where to buy Wednesday Addams black chunky shoes from the Netflix show. Picture: Netflix, Prada, @jennaortega via Instagram

Where to buy Wednesday Addams' black chunky Prada shoes

Throughout Wednesday, we see Wednesday donning her personalised black and grey-striped Nevermore Academy uniform (Wednesday? In bright purple stripes? In this economy? BFFR). Alongside her uniform, she wears a pair of chunky black lace-up shoes.

The exact shoes that Jenna appears to wear as part of Wednesday's school uniform are Prada's Monolith brushed leather lace-up shoes. Unfortunately, those exact shoes will set you back a whopping £920.

But there's plenty of dupes at other brands that are much more affordable. ASOS even have a selection of chunky black lace-up shoes that could easily double up as Wednesday's Prada shoes for everyday wear. Or next year's Halloween costume.

Doc Martens also sell a similar chunky style for £159 too.

Here's where to buy Wednesday's black chunky shoes
Here's where to buy Wednesday's black chunky shoes. Picture: @jennaortega via Instagram, Prada

Where to buy Wednesday Addams' Naked Wolfe platform sneakers

Elsewhere, fans have also ID'd another pair of shoes that Wednesday dons throughout the show – her platform Naked Wolfe trainers.

These shoes can be spotted in episode 1 while Wednesday is in her dorm room customising her half of the space she shares with Enid Sinclair. Over the next couple of episodes, Wednesday can be see wearing them every now and then while she's not wearing her school uniform.

These shoes are the Naked Wolfe Slider Black sneakers, and they're currently on sale for £168.

Here's where to buy Wednesday Addams' platform sneakers
Here's where to buy Wednesday Addams' platform sneakers. Picture: Netflix, Naked Wolfe

Wednesday's wardrobe was put together by legendary costume designer Colleen Atwood, with input from Jenna herself and director Tim Burton.

Discussing Wednesday's Rave'N dance dress with Harper's Bazaar, Atwood revealed that it wasn't found in a thrift store (like it is in the show), nor was it crafted specially for the series. It was actually an Alaïa dress that she found on a mannequin in London's Bond Street store.

Prada? Alaïa? Wednesday Addams chicest teen on TV confirmed! She's giving those Gossip Girl girlies a run for their inheritance money!

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