Does Wednesday end up with Tyler or Xavier in Netflix's Wednesday?

24 November 2022, 17:29 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 09:37

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Who does Wednesday end up with? Tyler Galpin or Xavier Thorpe? Here's how the season 1 ending sets up a new romance for Wednesday in season 2.

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Wednesday season 1 gave us everything we hoped it would and more: It was dark, it was twisty, there was chaos, there was murder, there was dramaaaaa... But the real drama lies at the centre of Wednesday Addams' love life, honestly.

Throughout the first season, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) finds herself busy trying to solve the mystery behind a deadly monster who has been lurking around Nevermore Academy and Jericho. In and amongst all of that, she's also experiencing a coming-of-age of her own.

Shortly after arriving at Nevermore, Wednesday meets Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) and Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan). Both of them take an immediate interest in Wednesday, but she has her suspicions about one of them.

Over the course of the 8 episodes, Wednesday's relationships with the two of them take several twists and turns. But who does she end up with when the credits roll? Here's a recap of Wednesday's connections with Tyler and Xavier and what that ending means for Wednesday season 2.

Does Wednesday end up with Tyler or Xavier?

Who does Wednesday end up with? Tyler or Xavier?
Who does Wednesday end up with? Tyler or Xavier? Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix!

Don't scroll ahead until you've watched the final episode!

WARNING: Wednesday spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Wednesday spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

At the start of the season, Xavier takes an interest in Wednesday after he shares that they first met when they were ten years old. The two become acquaintances at Nevermore, but thanks to her visions leading her down a couple of wrong paths, she is continually suspicious around him because she believes he is the monster.

Meanwhile, Wednesday meets normie Tyler while he's working at the Weathervane cafe in Jericho. The two grow closer after Wednesday enlists Tyler to help her escape the Academy, and they attend the Rave'N dance together in episode 4.

Their relationship continues to blossom over the next few episodes, with Tyler later surprising Wednesday with a romantic movie night where they watch a scary movie: Legally Blonde. (To be fair, Wednesday is absolutely horrified by Hoku's 'Perfect Day' blaring out of the speakers.)

At the end of episode 7, Wednesday and Tyler share a kiss at the cafe after Xavier's arrest and their interrupted date. Buuuut, as soon as they do, Wednesday experiences another vision and finds out that Tyler is the monster.

At the end of the episode, she scrambles to leave, before saying: "Of course the first boy I kiss would turn out to be a psychotic, serial-killing monster. I guess I have a type."

Does Wednesday end up with Tyler Galpin?
Does Wednesday end up with Tyler Galpin? Picture: Netflix

In the final episode, Wednesday obviously takes several hundred steps back from Tyler, now that she knows he's the Hyde monster. That relationship is now pretty much out the window, as Tyler is captured and taken away in the back of a van.

During the fight against the resurrected Joseph Crackstone, Wednesday takes an arrow in the shoulder for the now-exonerated Xavier after he tried to take out the resurrected villain to save her.

And in the final moments of the show, Xavier thanks Wednesday by gifting her an iPhone with his number already added to her contacts, hoping she'll text him while they're away from school.

So, Wednesday doesn't actually end up wither either of them at the end of the season. Season 1's finale, however, does appear to set up the potential for Wednesday and Xavier to have a romance in season 2. But we'll have to wait and see how (and if) their relationship unfolds into anything more.

Wednesday season 1's ending teases Wednesday and Xavier romance in season 2
Wednesday season 1's ending teases Wednesday and Xavier romance in season 2. Picture: Netflix

Despite Wednesday's brief, seemingly doomed romance with Tyler and her blossoming relationship with Xavier, could something eventually happen between Wednesday and... Enid?

Some parts of the fandom have already fallen in love with the idea of Wenclair as a couple, and Enid actress Emma Myers has also addressed those theories.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Emma referenced the meme in which people refer to LGBTQ+ couples as 'roommates', saying: "You know what I always say: 'And they were roommates!' Jenna and I would say that all the time to each other. And that’s all that needs to be said — I think that gets the message across."

So, if Wednesday season 2 goes ahead, what are we saying? Wednesday and Xavier? Or Wednesday and Enid?

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