11 Unanswered questions from Netflix's 'You' that will make you rethink everything

8 January 2019, 18:11

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Honestly. I've written a TED Talk in my head about Beck and that damn window.

Netflix's You has had audiences on the edge of their seats since its December premiere on the streaming platform. You has also left people with a ton of unanswered questions. For instance, why was Beck totally oblivious to the fact that curtains exist? Why did Joe inexplicably tell all his secrets to Paco, thus creating a material witness for any future court proceedings? Why did Joe pee in a jar and leave it at the scene of a crime?

You gave fans a lot to ponder. Here are just SOME of the unanswered questions from the series that made us wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

What was the deal with Beck's open window?

If you watched the pilot episode of You, we have no doubt you had one key thought racing through your mind. Why did Beck spend so much time in front of her curtainless window? She dressed in front of that window and even had sex in front of that window...more than once.

Things were hopeless for Beck from the start, if we're being honest (rest in peace, though, girl). She was a whole grown up woman who undressed in front of her bedroom window and never conceptualised investing in privacy curtains.

Netflix You window
Beck acting like it's normal to live her life in front of an open window like curtains and blinds don't exist. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Why didn't Beck ask questions abut Joe's gunshot wound?

By the end of episode 6, Joe and Peach are locked in a tense showdown which leads to her eventual death. Joe is badly bruised in the face and had a gunshot graze to the upper thigh but no one really seems to wonder why. A week later, Joe attends Peach's funeral and returns to Beck's apartment with no hint of a limp.

According to CNN, even a gunshot graze can take months to heal, so make of that what you will, fellow TV sleuths.

"I thought I'd have to explain my wounds to you, but you didn't even notice," Joe says at one point. But, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you notice that your friend has died under mysterious circumstances and your boyfriend has wounds that might be consistent with some kind of...violent struggle or car accident?

Netflix Peach and Joe YOU
Peach definitely shot Joe in the leg and no one noticed. Isn't that something? . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Why did Joe try to go down on Beck in a furniture store? And how did they have sex on a boat deck and no one saw?

Boy meets girl. Boy stalks girl. Boy invites girl furniture shopping and...tries to perform oral sex on her in the showroom? As a person who has braved the unruly masses for many an IKEA trip, I can tell you now that there is nothing sexy about furniture shopping. Joe, we gotta talk.

And of course there was that (spicy but highly unrealistic) boat deck sex scene.

Pffft, and they say romance is dead.

via Lifetime

Why did the police officer who pulled Joe over not follow up beyond a single call to the book shop?

So, the police officer seems intrigued enough to follow up after Joe's car accident and Peach's death, but is satisfied by a single phone call and no actual sleuthing or police work.

Perhaps we'll see more from him in season 2 of You but, for now, something is not clicking.

Netflix screenshot
"Hmm...something seems off. I might make exactly ONE phone call just to be on the safe side.". Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How did Joe cover up all the murders the exact same way and not get caught?

Joe: *kills someone*

Joe: *takes their phone*

Joe: *logs into Twitter and types: "leaving town. Need to clear my head for a bit.*"

Local law enforcement: guess that's 100% what happened and nothing else is going on here.

Joe: 😅

You screenshot
Joe doing what he does best...impersonating his victims on social media . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

If Joe is such a genius at stalking and murder, why did he leave behind a bottle of his own urine at the scene of Peach's murder?

Joe was actually a bit delirious when he did this, so he might be forgiven for such a grave mistake. I will say that the pee Joe put on that shelf is absolutely not the right colour and he needs to drink more water or see a doctor or something. What the hell, Joe?!

Joe's pee
Joe's pee jar that is not the right colour - Netflix 'You' . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Why did Joe keep his weird little stalker box in his apartment and tell Paco about his secret hiding spot?

Again, we're supposed to believe that Joe is such a murder genius and, yet, he makes the one mistake that gets loads of serial killers caught. Joe keeps souvenirs. Worse, he keeps trophies from his victims and even tells his neighbour about the perfect place "to hide things" (which, of course, Paco promptly tells Beck).

Beck finds the box and is able to piece together all the weird stuff Joe has been up to. And, why wouldn't she?! She has at least one brain cell, doesn't she? Joe leaves her alone in his apartment with the box and suddenly he is seeming like less and less of a genius by the second.

You Netflix Beck Joe stalker box
Beck finding Joe's stalker box in his bathroom - Netflix 'You' . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

8 seconds. Really, my dude?

Joe? 8 seconds? JOSEPH.

via Lifetime

Joe had exactly two friends and one of them was a little kid. Why didn't Beck or Karen think that was weirder?

Joe has two friends in the series. One is his employee and one is a child. In fairness to Beck, she did clock this in episode three when she asks why Joe doesn't talk about his friends or show her his place. But, in my opinion, this should have been a way bigger deal.

"Actually, come to think of it, Joe. Why IS your closest friend in the sixth grade?"

Paco You
Is it normal that your best friend is a child? . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How did Dr. Nicky not realise Beck was talking about Joe and vice versa?

At one point, Joe tells a story to Dr. Nicky about throwing a surprise party for his partner who is having an affair with their therapist. Isn't that a very specific set of events?

How does Dr. Nicky... not feel like that is really similar to Beck's experiences? Furthermore, if Dr. Nicky was sleeping with Beck, wouldn't he peak at her Instagram account and see her photos with Joe and instantly recognise him? This is all so precarious.

Netflix You screenshot
Why didn't Dr. Nicky realise he was being played? . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Netflix You
Joe looking at old photos of him and Beck on Instagram . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Will Paco keep Joe's secret?

This is more of a question for You season 2.

Paco and Joe's dynamic is so tenuous. We're talking about a kid who quite literally knows where the bodies are buried. Paco knows about Beck, he knows Joe's technique for covering up murders. This is such a house of cards and Joe can't possibly think it was smart letting Paco into his demented world.

Netflix You
Paco will be Joe's downfall. Mark my words. . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

What do you guys think? What burning questions did you have after watching You?