Viewers are calling Marianne the 'most terrifying' show Netflix has ever done

18 September 2019, 13:15

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"If The Haunting Of Hill House scared you, then prepare to actually sh*t your pants watching Marianne."

In celebration of the best season of the year (Halloween, duh), Netflix have come through in the clutch with some original horror content to see us through until October. Five new original horror movies will be landing on the service over the next few weeks, with a couple of new TV series scattered in between for good measure.

One of the TV shows has already been released and it's now being called the scariest show Netflix might have ever put out.

Marianne, which stars Call Me By Your Name's Victoire Du Bois, dropped on Netflix on Friday 13th (oh yeah, they're playing that game) and people are absolutely raving about it. Netflix UK have even suggested watching the show "with company and locked doors."

Netflix&squot;s Marianne is being called the "scariest" series on the platform
Netflix's Marianne is being called the "scariest" series on the platform. Picture: Netflix

What is Marianne about?

Marianne is an 8-episode French horror series (you can watch with English dubbing or in French with English subtitles) that follows the story of a young writer called Emma. She's writing a book based on her own nightmares about a witch. When she returns to her hometown, she discovers that the witch and the other characters in her novel are all real.

The evil spirit called Marianne insists Emma keep writing the book. She then has to figure out how to end the books in order to kill the terrifying old lady witch from her nightmares.

Marianne might be the most terrifying thing that has Netflix has ever done and the jump scares are perfectly timed enough to make even the most hardcore horror lovers sh*t themselves.

People are claiming that the show is far scarier than The Haunting of Hill House (which saw rave reviews from horror fans). Some viewers are saying that Marianne has left them "scared enough to cry," and that it's the "first genuinely scary horror I’ve seen in a while."

Even Marianne herself (played by Mireille Herbstmeyer) has been dubbed "scariest old lady I've seen on screen." And there have been a lot, so that's no easy feat. (The old lady from The Others says hi.)

One comment left under the YouTube trailer reads: "I'm not one to be scared of horror movies but this is one of the few that shook me up pretty good. Better than anything Hollywood has done in the past few years." WELL!