'Sex Education' stars Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood are dating IRL

16 January 2019, 16:47

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Connor and Aimee became boyfriend and girlfriend via the Netflix show...

It is no secret that we're obsessed with Sex Education. The critically acclaimed series came out on Netflix last Friday and we can't get enough of it. The series follows British teen friends Otis and Eric as they embark on their first year of sixth form. All is normal except their lives totally change when school misfit Maeve persuades Otis to set up a teen sex clinic. The results are hilarious, heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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And the series would be nothing without its incredible cast. Asa Butterfield is endearing as Otis, Emma Mackey is brilliant as Maeve and Ncuti Gatwa steals every single scene as Eric. However, the entire Sex Education ensemble is award worthy and it turns out that two of the hit show's standout cast members are dating IRL. Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood are an actual item.

Adam Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood from Netflix's 'Sex Education' are dating
Adam Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood from Netflix's 'Sex Education' are dating. Picture: Netflix // Instagram

Connor Swindells plays Adam Groff in the series and Aimee Lou Woods stars as Aimee. Adam is the headmaster's son and a school bully with penis problems and Aimee is his first girlfriend who's popular but also close friends with Maeve. The show is obviously all about love and lust and relationships so it's not a surprise that two Sex Education co-stars fell in love while filming.

If you head on over to Instagram you can see that the couple regularly share adorable photos together. On Connor's birthday this year, Aimee shared some photos of them with the cute caption: "HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH SWINDELLS YOU BEAUTIFUL MAGNIFICENT MAN. You’ve been a warrior king forever in the hundreds of lives you have already lived but now you’re my 🤴."

She then added: "AND I DONT GIVE A F IF ANYONE THINKS THAT IS CRINGEY cuz I’m trying to be as brave as u are. I’m owning my narrative 😉. Big thank you to Adam Groff and Aimee Gibbs for making all this possible... Not going to say any more because I feel vulnerable but YOU KNOW THE REST🌜🌜(posting now because of that evil time difference)".

The 'owning my narrative' reference. Iconic. If that weren't enough they also dressed up in SIX different couples costumes for Halloween without actually going anywhere and spent new year together. In other words, they are one of the sweetest couples of all time. Oh and Adam called Aimee the love of his life on Instagram stories. No. I'm not crying. you are.

Check out the adorable couple below.

Connor Swindells declaring his love to Aimee Lou Wood on Instagram
Connor Swindells declaring his love to Aimee Lou Wood on Instagram. Picture: Netflix

We must protect them at all costs.