Maritza's heartbreaking storyline in Orange Is the New Black season 7 is making fans sob

26 July 2019, 18:38

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

What happened to Maritza Ramos? Why is Maritza in prison in Orange Is the New Black?

Orange Is the New Black season 7 is finally here and Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero) has returned to the Netflix series.

Ever since Orange Is the New Black first aired on Netflix in 2013, fans have been in love with Maritza. From her hilarious one-liners to her adorable friendship with Flaca, it's easy to see why she's so popular. Not to mention, Diane acts her in the most incredibly perfect way. However, Maritza wasn't in OITNB season 6 at all. After the Litchfield riot at the end of season 5, she was separated from Flaca and sent to an entirely different prison.

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Thankfully Maritza is back in OITNB season 7 but her storyline is so sad that viewers are struggling to watch it.


Who plays Maritza in Orange Is the New Black season 7? - Diane Guerrero
Who plays Maritza in Orange Is the New Black season 7? - Diane Guerrero. Picture: Netflix

We first see Maritza in episode 2 of season 7 ('Just Desserts'). Maritza is out of prison and we see her win a booty contest in a club. An NBA player then chats her up and it cuts to them sleeping together and flirting. He even invites Maritza to fly with him to LA. However, Maritza is forced to say no because she is on parole and can't leave the state. The episode ends with Maritza back in the club. Seconds later, she is detained by ICE because she doesn't have her ID on her.

In the next episode we find out that Maritza is sent to is the same detainment centre which Blanca was sent to at the end of season 6. The two of them then work together to try and find a way to be set free. In the process, Maritza tearfully reunites with Flaca because Flaca, Red, Morello, Gloria and Nicky have all been sent to cook for the people imprisoned in the ICE detainment centre, including Maritza and Blanca.

Flaca then works to get a hold of Maritza's mother to prove that she is a US citizen but she finds out from Maritza's mother that Maritza was born in Columbia. Maritza had no idea. Flaca then finds a number so that Maritza can get a free lawyer to represent her. However, Maritza shares the number with all of her fellow detainees to help them. Noticing this, the guards flag it and Maritza is deported.

Here are just a few of the fan reactions to the storyline.

It's horrible to watch but given how real ICE is, it's important viewing. The storyline actually hits very close to home to Diane Guerrero, who portrays Maritza, too. When Diane was just 14, her parents were detained and deported to Columbia.

Diane is now one of the most prominent advocates for immigration reform in the US and she's even written a memoir about her own experiences called In the Country We Love: My Family Divided. Her activism is remarkable.

You can help protect immigrant rights and find out more about them via the ACLU website.