Avengers: Endgame's "I love you 3000" scene might have a hidden meaning about the MCU

3 May 2019, 15:59

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The number 3000 could be much more significant to the MCU than we all thought - and it could be one huge Endgame easter egg that we all missed.

One week after its record-breaking release, Avengers: Endgame has managed to surpass countless movies to become the 5th highest grossing movie of all time (at time of writing). By now, you've probably seen the film and had a good cry over what happens at the end. You may also now be deeply triggered when someone utters the words "I love you 3000" within a ten mile radius.

Avengers Endgame: The sound in the post-credits scene has a really poignant meaning

The emotional saying has become a new catchphrase for the cast and the fans of the MCU because of what it means and who says it in the film. The actors have been hash-tagging it on their posts, fans have been turning it into heartbreaking memes and now, it turns out that there might be a much deeper meaning behind "I love you 3000", as fans have spotted an astounding connection that runs through the entirety of the MCU.

[WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame ahead.]

Why did Tony Stark say "I love you 3000"?

Avengers: Endgame easter eggs - Morgan Stark's I love you 3000 has a hidden meaning
Avengers: Endgame easter eggs - Morgan Stark's I love you 3000 has a hidden meaning. Picture: Marvel Studios

In case you've forgotten (although, I don't know how you could have let this traumatic life experience slip from your mind so soon), "I love you 3000" is a quote that is said a couple of times in Endgame - once by hologram Tony Stark and once by his daughter Morgan.

The basic meaning behind the phrase is simply just Morgan expressing how much she loves her dad. Like, 3000 is a big number for a 5 year old kid.

Some fans have interpreted it as a child-genius response to Tony's "I love you tons" comment (a ton is 2000 pounds. Morgan upped her dad by a whole thousand) while others have discovered an absolutely mind-blowing easter egg that involves the combined run-time of all the films in the MCU.

Sleuthed by a number of fans on Twitter, it turns out that the number 3000 is almost the exact number you get when you add up the run times of all 23 MCU movies so far - including the yet-to-be-released Spider-Man: Far from Home.

The theory is not confirmed and it could totally just be a coincidence but it's almost far too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, ya know?

Tony Stark's death will likely have a huge impact on the events of Spider-Man: Far from Home, which will be the final Phase 3 movie. Even if it wasn't done on purpose, it seems kind of fitting for the (coincidental?) meaning behind "I love you 3000" to encapsulate Tony's impact within those 23 movies.

Brb, gonna go and cry about this again x