Netflix's Love Is Blind couple Lauren and Cameron said "I love you" after 36 minutes

24 February 2020, 16:14

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Love is Blind debuted on Netflix on 13th February, and is being released in three instalments, as a group of strangers try to find the person they're going to marry - without ever actually setting eyes on them.

It's been dubbed Love Island on steroids, and every trashy TV fan is going wild for Netflix's new dating show, Love is Blind right now.

A far-out concept compared to your regular match-making binge-watch, Love is Blind puts a group of men and women's blind dating abilities to the test and takes them on the journey of finding the person they're going to marry - without ever seeing them and the entire thing documented for the world to watch. Yep.

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Love is Blind fans have been rooting for Cameron and Lauren, but the fate of their relationship won't be clear until the third instalment of the show on 27th February.
Love is Blind fans have been rooting for Cameron and Lauren, but the fate of their relationship won't be clear until the third instalment of the show on 27th February. . Picture: NETFLIX

For the first ten days of the show, the couples are allowed to chat to each other from behind walls, and at the end of those ten days, each man proposes to the woman he's never seen, but wants to marry - and that's when he gets to meet her for the first time. That's when they'll also meet the other people they've been speaking to, and potentially realise they fancy more than their new fiancé. Things move fast in 2020, huh?

If that wasn't crazy enough, fans are totally losing it over episode one, before anyone knew what to expect, and one couple dropped the L-bomb a little sooner than anyone thought.

Content creator Lauren Speed and scientist, Cameron Hamilton, immediately hit it off, and after sharing sweet tales of y'know, the basics - how old they were, their careers, what their children would look like - things got deep real quick.

On their third behind-the-wall-chat, or 36 minutes into episode one to be exact, Lauren decides to hit Cameron with "I think I love you", which in any real-life situation, probably isn't the best way to express your interest in someone you've never met and obviously everyone thought it was a joke. Wrong.

But miraculously, in an oh-so-reality-TV turn of events, it turns out that despite being a sensible intellectual dealing with a life-changing bombshell, Cameron goes along with it and replies "I love you". GOALS. We're weeping. Our new favourite couple. And they probably don't even know each other's favourite foods.

Naturally, the extremism of the situation prompted some seriously hilarious internet reactions, both rooting for the couple and a bit, well...confused.

Are Lauren and Cameron still together?

While their Instagram accounts cryptically suggest so (we see you posting selfies from his house, Lauren), we won't actually find out their fate until the third instalment of the series, when the final episode is released on Netflix on 27th February.

This is the first time Netflix have tried their new drip-feeding approach to shows (sorry binge-watchers), and a new batch of episodes drops each Thursday, so we can spread the love across the whole of February.

We left off the second instalment with some of the couples, including Lauren and Cameron, getting engaged and flying out to Mexico for a holiday, and where they got to meet each other for the first time. Risky.

While we are grossly smitten on their relationship, things didn't go great for every couple on the show, and the fight between Diamond and Carlton that's taken over the internet is going to go down in HISTORY of awkward reality TV fights, as she struggled to come to terms with his bisexuality.

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But alas, Laumeron (that's our new stan name, thank us later) survived the trip, and headed back to Atlanta where they met each others families for the first time - and more importantly - planned their wedding.

Episode nine has left us on a bit of a cliff-hanger though, as the pair hit a surprising speed bump 48 hours before their wedding day, when Cameron realises he is more into this idea than perhaps Lauren is. Yikes.

We'll have to wait to see whether the couple actually go through with the marriage, but the final episode of the season is set to be explosive, with one runaway bride and an unexpected call-off incoming.

Is Love is Blind returning for season 2?

Netflix haven't yet announced whether Love is Blind will be getting a season 2 - but as season 1 isn't over yet, it's totally possible.

Everyone's favourite couples, Kelly and Kenny and Lauren and Cameron have also become so well-liked that even if the show doesn't continue (although we hope it does), they may even get their own spin-offs off the back of it, and we definitely wouldn't be mad. How to gain a guy in 10 days, anyone?