Lili Reinhart Hits Back At Fan Accounts Who "Body Shamed" Her After THAT Riverdale Scene

18 December 2017, 14:02

Lili Reinhart Bodyshaming
Picture: Neilson Barnard/Getty/The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"So. I’ve seen this picture all over my Instagram for the past two weeks. And I think it’s time I finally said something about it."

Public service announcement: Lili Reinhart is reaaaaally not here for your low-key body shaming comments. And she's written a HUGE clap back on her personal Tumblr account to let y'all know about it.

Why is Lili being body shamed? Well, cast your minds back to episode eight of Riverdale when Betty did her lil' serpent dance at the Whyte Wyrm. While many found the scene a lil' problematic, Lili herself looked absolutely incredible. She wore a black lace bustier from Victoria's Secret in the scene and fans were quick to locate the item online.

Lili Reinhart Riverdale Pole Scene Comparison
Picture: The CW/ Victoria's Secret

Now, we all know it's pretty customary for fans to place two images side by side when they find the exact item of clothing online without any intention of comparing body images but according to Lili, some fans have been pitting the two images against each other in a "which one is hotter" type scenario - and she keeps getting tagged in them on Instagram.

Now she's calling out every single one of those fan accounts that felt the need to pit the bodies of herself and the model against each other.

Lili is right; for a fandom who is SO keen to hype up the feminist aspects of the show and lord the female friendships as some of the best on TV, it's kind of fucked up that certain fans were so quick to compare the bodies of an actress and a model. (A Victoria Secret's model at that, too...)

Even though some body shaming comments weren't at all intentional, people seem to forget that when you invite others to comment or choose who looks better, you're literally handing them the opportunity to put one female down in favour of the other. No matter how innocent those "who wore it better" posts are, there'll always be someone on the receiving end of those comments who only sees the words "not flattering" or "looks better on her."

It's draining for any female to have to experience shit like that but for Lili, whose image and every move on-screen and off is being scrutinised by MILLIONS of people? We can't even imagine.

Keep slaying, Lili.