Fans complain Game of Thrones is "too dark" during the Battle of Winterfell

29 April 2019, 13:49

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Fans troll the Game of Thrones lighting department after this week's episode

We've dedicated over eight years of our lives to Game of Thrones, and we finally got the battle we've all been waiting for against the Night King and his Army of the Dead. But some fans weren't impressed by the low lighting in this week's episode.

Okay, okay, so we get that the binary opposition of light and dark plays a big part in Game of Thrones - but when the lighting department could give Hollister a run for their money, we've got an issue. Joking aside, the episode was very dark, which made it very hard to see what was happening.

Turns out, we're not the only ones who couldn't see an effing thing in last night's episode...

**Spoilers ahead**

Game of Thrones fans are kicking off about the lighting.

So, wait, who just died?

Turn up the lights in here, behbeh, extra bright I want y'all to see this.

Oh no...what's going to happen next episode?

Seriously, can someone at HBO just make it a tiny bit brighter so we can actually see the damn show? Thanks.