Lana Condor's Real Life Boyfriend Sends Her Love Letters Everyday And I'm Crying

20 August 2018, 19:11

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Peter Kavinsky's impact!

Just when you thought you couldn't be any more jealous of To All The Boys I've Loved Before's Lana Condor, it turns out that her fictional AND real life boyfriends are both sending her love letters - and we can't even get a text back.

In the film, as you'll already know, Lana's character Lara Jean Covey pens five secret love letters to all the boys she's fancied in her life. When her sister Kitty gets hold of them, she posts them without Lara Jean knowing. It all works out fine in the end, though. After a bit of awkwardness, Lara Jean gets her man - the literally perfect Peter Kavinsky.

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It's not just Lara Jean's love letters that play a part in the film though. As the film goes on, Lara Jean's fake boyfriend Peter writes her love notes every day but she throws them away. At the end of the film, Kitty brings her a box containing all the notes and she realises that she actually likes him.

And now, just like Peter in the movie, it turns out that Lana's IRL boyfriend writes her love letters as well. *wipes single tear*

Lana Condor Anthony De La Torre
Picture: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Disney/@lanacondor via Instagram

Speaking to US Weekly, Lana revealed that her boyfriend of three years, Anthony De La Torre who is also an actor, has been writing her love letters ever since they started dating.

“He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all. We try to keep the spark alive!” Lana said.

Honestly, what does a girl have to do around here to get this level of treatment? Seriously.

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Lana also dished on how supportive her boyfriend is over her close relationship with on-screen boyfriend Noah Centineo too. Speaking to Cosmo, she explained: "He's had a couple different working experiences where he's had to make out with someone and of course I'm like, 'I'll kill her,'" she said.

"But he's very supportive and I'm just happy that he's working. He's really supportive and really chill about it but his family [isn't], like his brother called me the other day because he saw the trailer and he said, 'Hey your trailer looks amazing, I love it so much but I also want to throw up because I don't want to see you with someone besides my brother'."

In case you were wondering, Lana's boyfriend Anthony recently starred as the younger version of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 5.



When you rock your girls purse better than she does.

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