La Voix: ‘Which bad habit do I hope to quit in 10 years? Celibacy' | My Life In 20

28 July 2022, 16:41

La Voix
La Voix. Picture: @LaVoix via Instagram
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

In honour of the Queen of the Universe finale streaming on Paramount+, we asked contestant La Voix to take a trip down memory lane to answer PopBuzz's My Life In 20 questions.

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20) What movie could you watch 20 times over and not get bored?

Has to be Identity Thief with Melissa McCarthy. Or anything with her in to be honest. Her fabulous comedy skills have me in stitches. I see a lot of me in her style. I adore making flippant remarks when someone is trying to be serious. I’ve made some terrible comments to people over the years, in the interests of light entertainment and I regret none.

19) What topic could you talk about for 19 minutes straight without notes?

Forgetfulness. That way if I forgot what to say, I'd still be on topic.

18) What was the most important thing to happen in your life when you were 18?

FINALLY leaving the Sister Phylis school of tap dancing, taxidermy and vajazzling. I learnt a lot from Sister Phyllis' particular cutting-edge style. She was the only one-eyed nun I’ve ever met. She wore an eye patch, years before Madonna.

17) Who was your crush at 17?

Has to be 80’s pop star Rick Astley. I used to write to him asking to leave his then relationship and be with me...but I guess he was Never Gonna Give It up.

16) What can you remember about your 16th birthday?

Knowing all the moves to Black Lace Superman. If you don’t know this you have to listen to it now! 80’s madness!

Queen Of The Universe | Official Trailer | Paramount+

15) What did you hate at 15 which you love now?

Red hair.

14) What TV show were you obsessed with at 14?

Neighbours! I use to even record it if I was out at roller-disco. Yes, we were slave to the scheduling back then, no on-demand streaming. To hear this show is ending is a crime against humanity.

13) 13 is unlucky for some. Do you have anything that you’re superstitious about?

Yes! I always have vegans with me on tour. They never hog the bathroom, they can carry light luggage and are a natural mosquito repellent.

12) If you could live the life of any other person for 12 hours, who would you be and why?

The Queen. I'd cause mayhem, so when I left her body the next day she would have a lot of explaining to do!

11) Who was your best friend when you were 11?

My sister Jane. We were inseparable. We set up our own band called 'Missing Cat'…. you might have seen our posters.

10) Which bad habit do you hope to have quit in 10 years time?


9) What was your biggest fear when you were 9?

Mickey Mouse. Petrifying human-sized mouse thing. My parents took me to Disneyland and I screamed in his face and kicked him.

8) When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Kylie Minogue. I adored her and I was a member of her fan club. The words that describe the moment I met her at the Absolutely Fabulous Movie wrap party are 'speechless' and 'gobsmacked'…bless her she was in awe of me.

7) Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Dopey, grumpy, sneezy….oh sorry 7 sins. Has to be pride….. whether it's waving a flag, making people laugh or travelling the world with my show. I'm so proud of my amazing supporters on a global level.

6) You can invite 6 people to your dream dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite?

Liza Minnelli for the gossip. Joan Rivers to spice it up. Lady Gaga for the style. Vanessa Williams - but as Wilhelmina Slater, please! Tyler Hoechlin - I mean he’s Superman, and Jesus Christ - anyone who can create that level of following without social media is worth a chat with.

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5) Name 5 things you can't live without.

Hairspray, Grey Goose vodka, a good heel, Joanne - my lesbian vegan dresser, sunshine, and a cracking audience.

4) Describe yourself in 4 words.

Live, loud and fabulous! [Ed note: that's only three but sure!]

3) Your top 3 songs of all time.

'Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler, 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' - Jennifer Holliday, and the entire Cher Abba album [Dancing Queen] - you can't pick one from that!

2) Name 2 things on your bucket list.

World domination. To be humble.

1) Who or what is your one true love?


The season 1 finale of Queen of the Universe will air on Paramount+ on 27th July 2022, all other episodes are available now. For more information, visit