KJ Apa Just Had A Major Skateboarding Fail And The Video Is SAVAGE

20 July 2018, 14:21

KJ Apa
Picture: Netflix // Instagram
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This is lowkey hilarious...

KJ Apa is known for many things. The New Zealand born 21 year old is not only one of the standout stars of the hit TV series Riverdale but he is also a heartthrob to millions of people around the world. His acting chops have landed him roles in highly anticipated films including The Hate U Give and The Last Summer. On top of that, he is a talented musician (he has played guitar for Kygo), boxer and an avid skateboarder.

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Yes. If you follow KJ's Insta Stories, you can regularly see the Archie Andrews actor showing off his various skills. As well as impromptu moments with his Riverdale co-stars (the Cole Sprouse road-trip saga is essential viewing), KJ uses the platform to work his musical chops, give us an insight into his workout routine and film his skateboarding skills. However, every now and then, things go a little awry.


Last night (July 19), KJ shared some video footage of him skateboarding with one of his close friends and pulling off some pretty cool stunts. However, in the last sequence KJ falls off his skateboard and, while we would never want to make fun of any person getting hurt, it is pretty hilarious. In fact it's so funny, that even KJ laughs as soon as he's done it. We have all tried to look smooth before and it's gone tits up.

It's lucky that KJ didn't seem to be too phased by the skateboarding fail because it looks like it did some pretty big damage to his hands. Straight after the clip of him falling, he posted a photo of the injuries that it caused and they look painful af. If we did the same, there's no way that we would have been able to laugh it off like him.

Watch the fail in all of its glory here.

Trolololol. May this serve as a reminder that skateboarding can be dangerous.

Be careful kids. Looking cool is cute and all until you fall and end up in A&E.