Riverdale Season 3: Kevin And Moose Are Officially Dating But It's "Complicated"

26 July 2018, 13:19

Kevin Keller
Picture: CW/Riverdale
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

'Riverdale' season 2 ended with a kiss but things are complicated for Kevin and Moose going into season 3.

In Riverdale season 2, fans got to learn a bit more about the awkward dynamic between Kevin Keller, Moose, and Midge (rest in peace, girl).

While Kevin has always been out as gay on the show, Moose, on the other hand, dates Midge and hides his feelings for Kevin. After Moose lands in a hospital bed, courtesy of the Black Hood, he confides in Kevin, saying "guys like us, like you. In a town like Riverdale, we don't have a lot of options."

Fast forward to the end of season 2 and Mevin is sealed with a passionate kiss, giving fans hope for a Riverdale season 3 relationship arc between the pair.

Kevin and Moose
Picture: CW/Riverdale

Now that Riverdale season 3 is in production, Casey Cott, who plays Kevin, is able to offer up some insight into his character's "complicated" relationship with Moose.

"We are dating in season 3," Casey told TVLine. "I had my first kissing scene of the season and it was in the hallway," he also revealed.

"He pushes me off because he's still closeted, but it's still a kiss. It's a complicated relationship." Casey also took time to praise his scene partner Cody Kearsley, who plays Moose on the show.

via CW/Riverdale

It sounds like having a boyfriend who is not out yet could be a huge storyline for Kevin. We just hope that Kevin eventually gets to enjoy a public relationship with Moose because our boy deserves it.

After Joaquin left for San Junipero in season 1, and Kevin found it difficult to seek out romantic companionship in season 2, it would be a nice change to see something sweet blossom between him and Moose. Love ain't easy, but we're always rooting for Kevin.

What do you guys think? What's your favourite "complicated" relationship on Riverdale?