Keke Palmer wants to play Princess Tiana in a Princess and the Frog movie | PopBuzz Meets

17 June 2022, 11:50

Keke Palmer Talks Live-Action Princess Tiana Role & Chris Evans | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Keke as a live-action Tiana?! INJECT IT!!! 

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She's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment, and now she wants to be a princess too.

Lightyear star Keke Palmer has revealed that she wants to play Princess Tiana in a The Princess and The Frog movie.

Speaking to PopBuzz, Keke revealed which Disney princesses she thought were the hottest, and how she's ready to 'go to NOLA' to become Princess Tiana.

Today (June 16) marks the release of Lightyear, the much-anticipated Buzz Lightyear spin-off from Pixar. Chris Evans plays Buzz (the astronaut that the iconic Toy Story character is based off) in the film, which tells Buzz's origin story, while Keke plays Izzy Hawthorne. Her character is the granddaughter of Alisha Hawthorne (played by Uzo Aduba), Buzz's best friend and commanding officer on a mission which leaves them stranded on a hostile alien planet.

Read the full interview with Keke below or head to Global Player to watch the full video.

Watch the second trailer for Lightyear

PopBuzz: Keke, how are you?

Keke Palmer: Oh, good. How are you?

PopBuzz: I'm great, thank you. So today I'm going to let you choose your own interview.

Keke: Oh, this is fun.

PopBuzz: It's gonna be really fun. Okay, so you can choose a ‘Promo’ or ‘No Promo’ question...

Keke: Promo.

PopBuzz: What would younger Keke think about you growing up to be in a Toy Story spin-off, because you were about two when the first first came out?

Keke: Well, little Keke would be like, ‘Oh my god!’ She will be freaking out that I would actually get to be in the movie that made Andy love the Buzz Lightyear toy so much. I was like, I get to be Andy! And I get to be part of the story. Like I mean, it's just so good.

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PopBuzz: Next one: ‘Sorry To This Man’ or ‘I Know This Man’.

Keke: Oh, that's really hard. I'm gonna do ‘I know this man’.

PopBuzz: So you must know Chris Evans fairly well now after promoting Lightyear together. And I have a question that I just know everyone needs the answer to. It’s a deep question. What does he smell like?

Keke: You know, I did not expect to be asked what he smells like. Off the top of my head, I feel like the vibe is fresh. Yeah, fresh. Very fresh vibes is what I remember.

PopBuzz: Fresh, expensive.

Keke: She said expensive!

PopBuzz: That's what I wanted to hear! Okay, next one: ‘But The Gag Is’ or ‘Gagged And Gooped’?

Keke: I love ‘But the gag is’ but I'm gonna go with ‘Gagged and gooped’.

PopBuzz: Okay. Keke, when was the last time you were truly gagged and gooped?

Keke: Last time that I was probably gagged and gooped was on Legendary. Honey, on Legendary, we were always gagged and gooped. Whether it was with the judges or whether it was with the contestants. They always made me gagged and gooped.

PopBuzz: I bet it was so much fun to film.

Keke: Oh my gosh, so much fun. I'm so glad that it's finally out there.

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Keke Palmer brings the “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” meme to life

PopBuzz: Amazing. Okay, last one. I think this is my favourite one: Pixar or Disney.

Keke: Oh my gosh. This is really really really really hard. It's the hardest. I love Pixar, obviously. I love them together. But because I can go traditional, and I'm old school girl at heart, I'm gonna go with Disney.

PopBuzz: Okay. Who are the top three hottest Disney princes or princesses?

Keke: The hottest? Oh my gosh. So I'm gonna go Pocahontas. Princess Tiana. And…Little Mermaid.

PopBuzz: Oh, beautiful. Would you ever play Tiana?

Keke: I would love to play Tiana. Call me up. Let's go!

PopBuzz: If anyone listening, we're putting it out there.

Keke: We’re going to NOLA!

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