Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost made a sneaky appearance in Game of Thrones last night

22 April 2019, 22:40

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost, made a brief appearance in last night's Game of Thrones - but did you spot it?

At the very beginning of Game of Thrones, Ned Stark gifted each of his children a direwolf.

They, of course, are the Stark family's sigil, but they also make pretty decent pets. Over the years, however, the creatures that are meant to protect Ned's children have either been killed or they've vanished amid various battles.

Last season, we saw Arya face a pack of wolves, staring down the Alpha. Looking into the beast's eyes, Arya mistakes the wolf for her own direwolf, Nymeria. After a tense staring competition, the wolf finally disbands and Arya says "it's not you."

Now that was the last time we saw hide nor hair of a direwolf on the show...that was until last night's episode, when eagle-eyed viewers spotted Jon Snow's old pal, Ghost.

Yes, that's right - Ghost did in fact make his stealthy return in the second episode of season eight, entitled 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms'.

**Look away if you haven't seen season 8, episode 2 yet.**

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Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost made a stealthy return on Game of Thrones
Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost made a stealthy return on Game of Thrones. Picture: HBO

Samwell Tarly, Dolorous Edd and Jon Snow are all on Winterfell's ramparts, gearing up to go to war with the White Walkers.

Jon then suggests that Samwell sit this one out with the women and children below deck.

Sam is not happy about this remark, and then retorts all the things he's done of value over the last eight seasons - namely that he was the first one to kill a White Walker, everrrr.

While all this chatter is going on, the haunting figure of Ghost can be spotted lurking in the background. And no one even acknowledges it, so you're forgiven if you missed it.

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Ghost has shockingly white fur and piercing red eyes
Ghost has shockingly white fur and piercing red eyes. Picture: HBO

When was the last time we saw Ghost?

The last time Ghost made an appearance was back in season 6, when he was chilling at Castle Black.

After Jon was murdered by Olly and the Night's Watch in the previous season, Ghost guarded his master's body dutifully.

As there wasn't a big ol' reunion between Jon and Ghost, we're assuming that we're supposed to just think Ghost's been there the whole time, despite being MIA for the last coupla seasons.

Bran Stark's direwolf was called Summer, but was killed by the Wights
Bran Stark's direwolf was called Summer, but was killed by the Wights. Picture: HBO

What are the direwolf names?

Jon's was the runt of the pack, and he called him Ghost because of his shockingly white fur.

His brother Robb's wolf was named Grey Wind, Sansa's was named Lady, Arya named hers Nymeria, Bran's is called Summer and lil' Rickon's was called Shaggydog (and he never even saw an episode of Scooby Doo).

Grey Wind was killed along with Robb at the 'Red Wedding', and his head was sewn onto Robb's body.

Ghost, as we've established, has been hovering in Winterfell.

Lady travels South with Sansa in the early days, but is killed by Ned Stark after her wolf was blamed for attacking Joffrey. He didn't want to, obvs, but Cersei and Robert Baratheon gave him orders to.

Nymeria, like Arya, is a feisty one. It is she who in fact attacks Joffrey when he goes for her master. Because of what will happen to her, Arya is forced to set Nymeria into the wild. It is thought that she roams the Riverlands with a pack of wolves, which is why Arya mistook her identity in season 7.

Bran's wolf Summer travelled North with him and, in the show at least, was captured along with the Stark lad by the mutineers at Craster's Keep. Jon manages to allow them to escape. Later on, when Bran, Meera and Hodor are in the cave with the Children of the Forest, Summer is helping them attack the Wights, but is ultimately killed by them.

Shaggydog accompanies Rickon and Osha as they travel to the Last Heart. The Umbers betray the little Stark boy after the 'Red Wedding', however, handing him over to Ramsay Bolton, along with Shaggydog's severed head.