Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden react to The End of the F***ing World fan theories | PopBuzz Meets

5 November 2019, 11:07


By PopBuzz


The End of the F***ing World returned tonight (4 Nov) for the much awaited second season and viewers were on the edge of their seats waiting to find out the answer to the question that EVERYONE has been asking: is James dead?

If you cast your minds back, or read our season one recap, last time we saw runaways James and Alyssa, played by Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden, Alyssa had been caught by the police and James was legging it up a beach, until the sound of a gun shot went off and the screen dramatically faded to black.

Naturally, people assumed James had died. And the promo image for S2 featured Alyssa with an urn, which obviously sent fans into collective mourning.

If you haven't seen the first two episodes, stop reading right now and don't come back until you've watch the show, unless you want spoilers. Don’t do something you'll regret, henny.


For those that have seen the new episodes, you'll know by now that James is very much alive. He’s just been living in his dad’s car and stalking Alyssa, as one does.

We were luckily enough to have Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden stop by PopBuzz HQ to discuss the new season and settle a few theories about the show.

Hit play on the video below or read some of the sweetest tea from the interview just after the video.

PopBuzz: What did you think season two would be about before you read the script?

Jessica: I didn’t think it would be about us. Straight up. I didn’t think we’d be in season two.

Alex: And lots of theories were flying around before we even got a script. Even when we started talking to Charlie [Covell, writer for TEOTFW] about her ideas, they were vastly different from actually what we ended up shooting. And even the ending was changing while we were shooting. The final four episodes were changing while we were shooting the first four, but that was the same with season one.

Jessica: It’s quite a nice way of working.

Alex: Yeah because you’re finding it out as the characters do.

What happened to Frodo, played by Earl Cave, after the petrol station heist?

Alex: I like the theory that Frodo set up his own milk delivery business. And then he started producing milk alternatives, so he started milking his own nuts.

Jessica: I would whole-heartedly like to see a Frodo spin-off, just because I want to see Earl more.

What are the similarities between Alyssa & James and new character Bonnie (played by Naomi Ackie)?

Jessica: Trauma.

Alex: We did an exercise on this during rehearsals and all of us said they don’t have any friends. It was quite a sad moment.

Did the writers ever consider a romance between Alyssa’s mum and James’ dad?

Alex: “There was a strand at one point with a relationship forming between Phil and Gwen but it never came to anything.”

Jessica: “That would have been adorable.”

Will there be a season three?

Jessica: Hopefully! It would be wonderful to do another one but I’m just grateful we got to do a second.

Alex: Me too.

The End of the F***ing World, Series 2 airs Monday 4th to Thursday 7th November on Channel 4, with two new episodes double-billed every night across the week from 10pm. The entire eight-part series will be available to stream on All 4 after Monday night’s double bill and on Netflix internationally.