Jenna Ortega likes post in support of Melissa Barrera following Scream 7 firing

24 November 2023, 12:13

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Jenna Ortega's reps recently confirmed that she will no longer be starring in Scream 7 due to scheduling conflicts.

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Jenna Ortega is proving that she's not just Melissa Barrera's sister on screen in the Scream movies. The beloved actress has liked a post in support of Melissa Barrera after she was fired from Scream 7 for her comments on Israel and Palestine.

On Tuesday (Nov 21), Variety revealed that Spyglass had fired Melissa Barrera from Scream 7 shortly after she had shared an article accusing the Israeli government of "genocide"on her Instagram stories. Spyglass then told Variety that they have a "zero tolerance" policy for "antisemitism" and accused Melissa of making "false references to genocide".

In the wake of being removed from the film, Melissa has denounced antisemitism and islamophobia and doubled down on her criticism of the Israeli government and support for Palestine. Fans around the world have also rushed to Melissa's defence and her co-star Jenna Ortega is among them.

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Jenna Ortega likes post in support of Melissa Barrera after she was fired from Scream 7
Jenna Ortega likes post in support of Melissa Barrera after she was fired from Scream 7. Picture: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBC via Getty Images, John Angelillo/UPI/Alamy Live News

On Wednesday (Nov 22), @celebrities4palestine on Instagram shared a post titled: "Melissa Barrera stands her ground after being dropped from Scream for speaking up for Palestine."

The post included a photo that Melissa shared to her stories of the quote: "At the end of the day, I'd rather be excluded for who I include, than be included for who I exclude."

The post has been liked by many people but fans have noticed that Jenna is one of them.

Jenna Ortega likes @celebrities4palestine post
Jenna Ortega likes @celebrities4palestine post. Picture: @celebrities4palestine via Instagram

Fans of Melissa and Jenna will know that the two stars are close friends off screen as well as playing sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter in Scream and Scream VI. Like Melissa, Jenna has previously shown support for Palestine.

In March 2022, Jenna shared links and resources on Twitter about how people can help "decolonize Palestine". She has since deactivated her Twitter account but Jenna's pinned link on her Instagram page is a Save the Children link that encourages you to donate to help children affected by the attacks in Gaza right now.

Jenna's like comes shortly after Deadline reported that she will not return to star in Scream 7. Jenna is yet to state exactly why she's left the franchise. However, Deadline have attributed the reasoning to Jenna's Wednesday season 2 filming schedule.

As it stands, there is no filming schedule in place for Scream 7 and it is unclear who will return to star in the film.

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