People are freaking out about Netflix’s "intense" new true crime series ‘I Am A Killer’

9 August 2019, 13:26

I Am A Killer
I Am A Killer. Picture: Netflix
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

It looks like our next weekend of binge-watching is sorted then...

If you’ve got an addiction to true crime shows, it looks like you’ll have to clear your schedule and charge up your laptop. Netflix has just dropped a new crime series and true crime fans are already freaking out about it.

‘I Am A Killer’ is a new ten-part documentary series, which has just had its UK release after causing quite a storm when it dropped in the US last year. Each episode follows the story of a prisoner awaiting their fate on death row, taking an in-depth look at all sides to the story in the crimes they committed and featuring interviews with both the prisoners and those involved in the murders they committed.

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The synopsis adds: “‘The series features never before seen footage with extraordinary access to prisons across America. Each convicted prisoner recounts the events that led up to their crime and, shockingly, the event itself.”

“We discover their motivations, their expectations and ultimately how they now view the crime, after time spent on death row. ‘Different viewpoints and the impact of decisions made in a split second that have changed the course of the killers’ lives throw into question the viewer’s opinions towards the killers.”


The show dropped on 3rd August and people online are already freaking out about how wildly intense each episode is.

One watcher wrote: “Genuinely #IAmAKiller is the best thing that’s been put on Netflix in a very long time”, while another wrote: “Watch this on Netflix. Honestly I’m only on episode one and it’s so good and I’m crying. Like killers aren’t born they’re made and sometimes if they only had a different upbringings things could’ve been different.”

Another added: “I can’t express how intense Netflix’s #IAmAKiller is. Truly.”

Guess we know what we’ll be binge watching this weekend then.