23 Heartstopper memes that'll make you wanna rewatch the whole thing

25 April 2022, 20:32

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Nick having a bisexual awakening thanks to Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean? Iconic.

If you haven't watched Heartstopper on Netflix yet, then where the hell have you been?! The brand new LGBTQ+ teen series is taking the platform by storm.

Fans are absolutely losing it over the perfect casting (Joe Locke and Kit Connor are amazing!) and the perfect book-to-screen adaptation. Fans just cannot get enough of it – and the memes are just as brilliant.

From all the tweets about how cute Charlie and Nick are, to Tara and Darcy being icons, to Tao and Elle stealing out hearts and to Isaac being an absolute legend... Here's all the best memes and reactions to Netflix's Heartstopper.

All the best Heartstopper memes
All the best Heartstopper memes. Picture: Netflix

Nick and Charlie are – and I cannot stress this enough – everything to me.

Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom. A bisexual awakening for the ages.

Charlie and Nick: "Hi." Me: 😭

What's funnier? "Her dog died" or Sarah Nelson's reaction?

What every Heartstopper fan's camera roll looks like right now.

Tao was right. Nick really is a human version of a Golden Retriever.


Olivia Colman 🤝 Sarah Nelson = Gay Rights!

Can we hear a little commotion for Isaac Henderson puhLEASE?!

If Isaac starts a book club, I'm there.

Isaac read more books in those 8 episodes than I have in my whole entire life.

Darcy Olsson you will ALWAYS be famous!

Tara and Darcy stans let me hear you SCREAMMMMMMM!

BREAKING NEWS: Iconic couple are iconic.

Imogen "Ally" Heaney.

Tao slapping Harry with his beanie. 10/10. Chef's kiss.

It's always "ily" and never "mliwbbimy".

Not a meme, just wanted to look at pics of Nellie for a sec x

Give me the Paris trip nowwwwwwww.

I'm ready for season 2, but I'm also NOT ready for season 2...

Netflix, don't leave Grandma like this...

BRB, going ✈ rewatch!

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