Is Malakai Bi Or Gay In Heartbreak High? His Season 2 Storyline With Rowan Explained

17 April 2024, 16:59

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Heartbreak High season 2 sees Thomas Weatherall's character Malakai properly explore his sexuality.

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Heartbreak High season 2 is officially here and the new season puts Malakai and his journey with his sexuality centre stage.

Heartbreak High fans will already know that Malakai (Thomas Weatherall) was already questioning his sexuality in season 1. After dating Amerie, he had a threesome with Harper and Dusty and immediately began noticing that he was attracted to boys afterwards. However, Malakai never explored his attraction to boys any further during the rest of the season.

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Now, Heartbreak High is back with eight more episodes and a new character called Rowan gives Malakai the chance to experiment and figure out if he identifies as straight, gay, bisexual or somewhere else within the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Do Malakai and Rowan get together in Heartbreak High?

Is Malakai bi or gay in Heartbreak High? His season 2 storyline explained
Is Malakai bi or gay in Heartbreak High? His season 2 storyline explained. Picture: Netflix

At the start of Heartbreak High season 2, Malakai and Amerie decide that it's best if they don't get involved with each other. It isn't long though before they start making out with each other again and go back to being a couple. However, everything goes awry when new boy Rowan enters the picture and Malakai realises he's attracted to Rowan as well as Amerie.

Initially, Malakai tries to suppress his feelings but he then confides in Darren. He explains that he doesn't think he's gay and still likes Amerie. Amerie later asks Malakai if he's gay. He tells her that he's bi and then breaks up with her. Afterwards, he goes to find Rowan and the two of them hook up with each other.

In other words, Malakai officially comes out as bisexual in Heartbreak High season 2.


Will Malakai be in Heartbreak High season 3?
Will Malakai be in Heartbreak High season 3? Picture: Netflix

Will Malakai be in Heartbreak High season 3?

For a while, Malakai and Rowan are a couple but it isn't long before they both realise that Rowan is still in love with Amerie. However, Amerie has moved on and later starts dating Rowan.

Thinking that their relationship is over for good, Malakai moves to Switzerland without telling anyone and not realising that Amerie is also still in love with him.

Malakai leaves Amerie a note in her locker but she never reads it because the school burns down.

It's currently unclear whether or not Malakai will return to the show if it gets renewed.

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