Fans Think Hal Cooper Has A Twin On "Riverdale" And It's Honestly So Wild

9 May 2018, 16:44

Hal Cooper Twin Riverdale Black Hood
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

This makes both complete sense and absolutely no sense at all.

With only one episode left until the season 2 finale, Riverdale is finally about to reveal who the Black Hood is. Who is it? At this point, it's still very much up in the air but fans have long suspected that the main culprit behind all the violence and murders in the town is actually Betty Cooper's dad, Hal.

What? That's crazy! Hal? No way, he's got no motive at all! Give me a break! But over the past few episodes, the clues have been coming in thick and fast and Betty herself has even started suspecting that her father has something to do with it.

But, because this is Riverdale after all, they might have one last twist up their sleeves and that involves the introduction of Hal's twin brother. (Yes, another secret twin, we know... just go with it, ok?)


If you cast your minds back to season one, you'll recall that Hal is actually a Blossom and that his side of the family changed their name to Cooper after beef went down between two ancestors. We also know that twins are very very common in the Blossom blood line.

It all begins with Great Grandpappy Blossom and Great Grandpappy Cooper. We know they're brothers, but were they twins? While there's no confirmation, it's implied that they were because of the implications surrounding the "Blossom family curse" that was brought to our attention by Claudius. You know the one, one twin always meets a violent end at the hands of another. We already knew that GG Blossom killed GG Cooper, but could that be the first instance of the curse?

There's no tea on GG Blossom's son/Clifford Blossom's father so we're just gonna go ahead and assume he was a twin for the sake of this theory.

Then there's Clifford and Claudius Blossom - who we're still not sure is actually real yet. This theory rests solely on the idea that Claudius Blossom is in fact an actual person and not Clifford "back from the dead" trying to f*ck us all up. (If Claudius isn't real, then this sleuth is pointless.)

The lineage continues with Riverdale's most iconic twins, Jason and Cheryl Blossom. And is cemented with Polly and Jason's twins, Juniper and Dagwood. (Already fearing for both of their lives, tbh.)

So, if every Blossom has a twin... Hal, who is a Blossom by blood, must have a twin too? It wouldn't be completely out of the question.

The theory has been circulating for a while now (some even thought Chic's real dad was Hal's twin but that's since been disproven in the shape of a blood test) and after recent events, fans have pointed out a few more clues in the show that hint at the possibility of another secret twin.

1) When Hal arrived back at the Cooper house begging Alice to let him move back in, he brought her flowers that she was allergic to. Now, as much as we all high-key dislike Hal, it seems very out of character for him to not know his wife's favourite flowers/flowers she's allergic to after 20+ years of marriage, right? (Unless he really *is* just a terrible husband...)

2) And then there's the mysterious case of the ShareBNB room Hal is still paying rent on. If he's living at home again, could he be paying for someone else to live there? (It could be Chic, who Hal suddenly no longer hates as much as he once did. Are they working together?)

3) Basically, fans are saying that everything that Hal has done, could have been carried out by his identical twin. And who knows, if this has been going on for years, then he'd know all the relevant information about Betty's childhood, Polly's location... and the comment he made to Betty about them "being the same" would certainly ring true too. (Alice is far too smart for this, I'm not buying it.)

Turns out, a lot of people on Twitter seem to believe that Hal's twin might be the key to this whole nightmare.

With such a blatant build up to Hal's potential involvement in the Black Hood saga, it now almost seems too obvious for it to be him. But introducing a twin? It's a twist we could get possibly and tentatively on board with. Is the inclusion of ANOTHER secret twin a little bit stupid? Yes. Would the reveal snatch our wigs and leave us shook anyway? Also yes. Will it happen? Probably not.

But with the promise of those ominous Cooper home videos coming up in the penultimate episode, there's definitely something suspicious going on with ol' Harold.