Is Hal Cooper The Black Hood On "Riverdale"?

18 April 2018, 15:59

Is Hal Cooper The Black Hood On Riverdale?
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans have long suspected that Betty's dad is somehow involved in the Black Hood murders but is he actually the man behind the mask?

It's official: The Black Hood has returned to Riverdale and he's out for blood once again. If you cast your minds back to episode 2x10, you'll remember that Archie had his suspicions about the real identity of the Black Hood, and it sounds like he was right for once in his life.

If Joseph Svenson, the school janitor, wasn't the true Black Hood then who was? Ever since the dawning of time, fans have been convinced that the killer in question is none other than the low-key problematic and incredibly sus Hal Cooper. The theory was primarily based on the physicality of the Black Hood but as the season has gone on, Hal has fallen right into the position of prime suspect. And now the BH is back in town, we've got all the more reason to start suspecting him again...


Here's all the evidence to suggest that Hal Cooper is the man behind the Black Hood:

- First things first, he actually suits the profile of the shooter. The only problem is, the eyes under the mask don't quite match Hal's. Then again, he could be working alongside someone else... more on that later.

- There’s a chance Hal would have known about Fred and Hermione, Miss Grundy and Moose and Midge’s affinity for Jingle Jangle via Alice’s table chatter. The woman loves tea, and I’m not talking Earl Grey. Come to think of it, Hal works at the Register too… for all we know, he could have more tea than Alice. Not to be trusted.

- He was at the Jubilee and he heard Betty’s passionate speech. Important.

- He would know everything about Betty, seeing as he’s her dad. He’d probably know the Nancy Drew code inside out and would have her phone number and her email address on hand. He would know Polly’s exactly location too.

- He is one of the ONLY people in the town who would have access to the Riverdale Register archives to produce the newspaper clipping of Alice’s arrest. No one would suspect her own husband to tear down her reputation like that, would they? Just when you thought Alice was the only snake in this household…

- He could have sent the first letter to Alice knowing full well she’d publish it in the Register.

- The Black Hood has threatened to kill Hal and Polly on multiple occasions, which would automatically remove suspicion from himself.

- When the Black Hood comes around, Hal don't wanna post up. Seriously, Hal is nowhere to be seen. He is literally NEVER around when anything goes down with the Black Hood... and that's suspicious.

- Hal's grandfather was part of the vigilante group that wrongfully buried a man alive, which means his family has a very loose connection to Joseph Conway/Svenson. If Hal knew his history, he could have either teamed up with him, or blackmailed him to carry out the violence on his behalf. The two letters that were sent to the Coopers were written by two different people, after all.

- He was present at the school when Midge was murdered, but it's clear that he wasn't the one who crucified her on the wall. Unless he is working with someone... Chic? Perhaps? Interesting...

- It could totally be a red herring but the second Hal leaves the house in 2x19, the phone calls start happening again. And when Jughead asks Betty who was on the phone, she literally says "It was my Dad..." Nothin' like hiding in plain sight, right?

- And then of course there's the whole "Where's Dad?" "He went out looking for you..." which is REAL coincidental, huh?


While there's TONS of evidence to suggest that Hal could have something to do with the Black Hood, there's a load of plot points that make absolutely no sense:

- What the F*CK does he have against Fred? And why on earth would he be attempting to rob Pop’s?

- While there’s a strong possibility that he’s the person that’s been calling Betty, WHY would he want to terrorise his daughter like that? Why would he need to drag her away from Veronica and Jughead? How does that benefit him in anyway?

- If he is the mystery caller, then why didn’t he follow through on killing Nick St Clair? He's a random kid who means absolutely nothing to him.

- Hal despises the Southside and the Serpents and yet, not a single one of them have been harmed or killed. Surely they'd be his first target?

- The Black Hood’s “reasoning” behind the killings was to purify the town of sinners but by having an affair with Penelope Blossom, surely he’s breaking his own rules?

- There's no way he would have had time to run backstage and kill Midge at the musical himself - unless he's working with someone... 👀

- He literally has NO motive. None whatsoever.

While there’s absolutely no reason for boring old Hal to go off on one and start killing people, we should probably remember that this is Riverdale, after all. Clifford Blossom killed his own son for reasons we’re still not entirely sure of so who says Hal needs a reason?

We're not entirely convinced because each and every one of those points could be red herrings to throw us off the real scent but then again, you can't trust anyone in Riverdale and Hal leaves us no choice than to clock his every move for the rest of the season.