QUIZ: Only fans who have seen every episode of Gossip Girl can get 11/12 on this quiz

22 June 2020, 17:40

Can you score 100% on this Gossip Girl quiz?
Can you score 100% on this Gossip Girl quiz? Picture: The CW
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Have you got what it takes to be an official Upper East Sider? It's time to put your Gossip Girl knowledge to the test with this trivia quiz.

Gossip Girl fans, the time has come. A few years may have passed since the teen drama that once ruled our lives aired, but our love lives on, and it more-than-frequently creeps its way back into our Netflix 'recently watched' list.

But have you been paying attention? Or falling asleep waiting for Chuck to tell Blair that he loves her?

Either way, the reunion isn't far off, so it's key to know the details if you're to make it as an official Upper East sider.

Good luck. XOXO

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