The first official Gossip Girl reboot trailer is finally here and it’s queer AF

10 June 2021, 10:52

Watch the first Gossip Girl reboot trailer

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Gossip Girl is back with a brand new cast, brand new characters and brand new drama.

The wait is over. After months of anticipation, HBO Max have finally put out their Gossip Girl reboot trailer and it looks iconic.

As soon as HBO Max announced that they would be bringing back Gossip Girl, fans of the original show have been eager to find out more about it. The new series is set in the same universe as the original but with a brand new cast and characters. In other words, there's a whole new generation of Manhattan's elite to meet, get to know and become obsessed with.

HBO Max revealed the cast a while back but now the first trailer is here along with our first glimpses of the new characters.

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The first official Gossip Girl reboot trailer is finally here
The first official Gossip Girl reboot trailer is finally here. Picture: HBO Max

In the trailer, the basic plotline of the reboot becomes immediately clear. Julien (Jordan Alexander) is the new Queen B of the Upper East Side à la Blair and the series begins with her inviting Zoya (Whitney Peak), a Jenny/Dan type character, into her clique. However, it looks like drama will unfold soon after with cheating, backstabbing and plenty of love triangles.

Max (Thomas Doherty) also appears to be a Chuck style character. However, the trailer shows that he will be explicitly queer and have relationships with both girls and boys in the show, including Aki (Evan Mock). The creator of the show previously teased that the reboot will be "very very queer" and it looks like the series will live up to those promises.

This wouldn't be Gossip Girl without Gossip Girl, though, and the trailer ends with Gossip Girl announcing her return to the Upper East Side. Who she is in this series is yet to be revealed but it looks like she will be exposing all of the characters' dirty laundry on the regular. Better yet, she'll be doing it via Gossip Girl's own Instagram account.

Yes. It appears that you will be able to follow the drama of the show on Instagram as well as the actual series itself, so follow the Gossip Girl Instagram page to keep up with the show as though it were real life.

Gossip Girl will air weekly on HBO MAX from July 8 this year. Will you be watching?

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