Glass Onion cast pick their own mystery interview questions | PopBuzz Meets

23 December 2022, 11:40

Glass Onion Cast Take On A Chaotic Mystery Interview | PopBuzz

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Who would win in a fight? The cast of Glass Onion or the cast of Knives Out?

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I'll say it: Glass Onion is the best film of 2022. Another brilliant murder mystery from Rian Johnson? Check. Another absolutely killer ensemble cast? Check. Incredible cameos? Check. All of this taking place in a mansion on a Greek island with Daniel Craig strolling around in a two-piece nautical-themed outfit and neckerchief? I literally don't know a better movie.

To celebrate the release of Glass Onion, PopBuzz sat down with Kate Hudson, Madelyn Cline, Jessica Henwick, Leslie Odom Jr. and Kathryn Hahn to play a little mystery game of our own.

In order to avoid any spoilers about the brand new Knives Out mystery (because seriously, you do not want to see a single spoiler before watching this film), we thought we'd let the cast pick their own interview questions... kind of. They didn't actually know which questions they were picking but, it's a meant to be mystery, right?

Glass Onion cast pick their own interview questions
Glass Onion cast pick their own interview questions. Picture: PopBuzz

What if Glass Onion was a straight-up horror movie instead of a hilarious murder mystery? Who would die first? Who on the cast is most likely to be the getaway driver in the completely unofficial Glass Onion heist team? If the cast were invited to Miles Bron's private island themselves, what drink would he have waiting them on arrival?

And most importantly, seeing as we are talking about onions, which famously have layers much like Ogres... What is the best Shrek movie?

Glass Onion is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch the full interview with the Glass Onion cast at the top of the page. You can also head to the PopBuzz YouTube channel or watch the whole thing on Global Player.