QUIZ: Everyone is a mix of two Riverdale characters – which two are you?

4 December 2019, 22:36

Everyone is a mix of two Riverdale characters
Everyone is a mix of two Riverdale characters. Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Definitely a combo of Cheryl and Alice. FOR SURE.

Riverdale is home to some of the most iconic fictional characters on TV right now. Whether it's Archie's passion, Betty's sleuthing skills or Veronica's style, we all see something of ourselves in each of them.

Each character is just as different as the next but which two are you most like? Do you share traits with two similar characters or are you a combo of two opposite characters?

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Do you, like Cheryl Blossom and Alice Smith, share a passion for savage one liners and hot gang members? Or you more like selfless king Fred Andrews and Knight in leather armour FP Jones?

Answer the questions in the quiz below and find out your answer...