HBO reportedly rejected two storylines for Zendaya's Rue in Euphoria season 3

2 April 2024, 20:04

Zendaya reveals first planned ending to Euphoria Season 2 finale would have been darker

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Both Sam Levinson and Zendaya reportedly had ideas that were vetoed by HBO.

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With news that the delayed Euphoria season 3 will likely include a five-year time jump, fans have been theorising about what that might mean for their favourite characters.

Moving away from high-school and entering their twenties, there's countless career paths and life choices the likes of Rue, Jules, Nate, Cassie, Lexi and Maddy could take. Rue could become sober, Maddy could become a stylist, Lexi could be become a theatre director, Nate could end up in jail...

As you probably know by now, Euphoria season 3 has been delayed indefinitely. The writers and actors strikes had already pushed production back, but now "script issues" are reportedly plaguing the new season as creator Sam Levinson works to finish writing before filming begins.

Now, a source has claimed that HBO had vetoed two potential storylines for Zendaya's Rue, that were pitched by Sam and Zendaya respectively.

Euphoria season 3's Rue storyline pitches were vetoed by HBO
Euphoria season 3's Rue storyline pitches were vetoed by HBO. Picture: HBO

According to Variety's report, Sam Levinson has full creative control over the show, including the writing and directing of each episode. Sources claim that Zendaya, who is an executive producer on the show, was also able to offer some "significant input" for where she’d like to see the third season go.

The sources claim that the initial season 3 scripts included "very compelling" arcs for Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi.

However, HBO reportedly shot down a proposed arc for Zendaya's Rue after revised scripts were submitted by Sam Levinson. The report claims that Rue was "relegated to the background in a somewhat surprising storyline about her working as a private detective".

Another proposed storyline, apparently pitched by Zendaya, would have seen a now-sober Rue as a pregnancy surrogate. That was also reportedly shot down.

Fans have since taken to social media to call those ideas 'terrible', likening them to Riverdale. One viral tweet reads: "what next? cassie opening a speakeasy? nate fighting a bear? jules’ gradmother hiding an alien corpse in a barrel of maple syrup for decades? try again sam levinson… riverdale has done it all already."

Euphoria season 3 ideas for Rue reportedly included her working as a private investigator and being a pregnancy surrogate
Euphoria season 3 ideas for Rue reportedly included her working as a private investigator and being a pregnancy surrogate. Picture: Alamy

With the scripts still unfinished and storylines up in the air, we likely won't know anything solid about Euphoria season 3 for quite a while.

HBO have, however, doubled down and confirmed in a statement that season 3 will still be released in 2025. While Sam Levinson continues to work on the scripts, the cast have been granted permission to seek other roles and work on other projects.

According to Variety, HBO will provide the cast a plan to begin filming in 2025, on October 1st. Filming will reportedly around 25 weeks.

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