11 burning questions that Euphoria season 3 needs to answer ASAP

4 March 2022, 16:37

Angus Cloud reveals why Fez sacrifices himself for Ashtray in Euphoria

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What is behind the locked door in Laurie's house? Did Rue ever find out that Elliot and Jules were hooking up? WHERE IS NATE'S YOUNGER BROTHER?!

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Hands up if you still have a ton of questions about Euphoria season 2's ending? Good, us too. Several, in fact.

While some of the lingering season 2 plot threads can be answered and explained by rewatching the episodes back with a closer eye, it looks like Euphoria season 3 is going to have plenty of ground to cover when it picks back up in... *checks notes* ...2024.

The fallout from Cal’s arrest and whether or not Fez survived will obviously be explored next season, but alongside those two pressing questions are also a handful of as-of-yet unexplained threads that fans are hoping season 3 will give answers to.

So, while we're all waiting patiently for Fez and Faye to be let out of whatever jail they're inevitably being held in, here's a list of all the questions that need to be answered in Euphoria season 3.

Euphoria: 11 questions that season 3 needs to answer
Euphoria: 11 questions that season 3 needs to answer. Picture: HBO via Alamy

What happened to the money Rue owes Laurie?

First on the list for season 3, and perhaps the most important thing the next season has to pick back up on...

Laurie has not been mentioned or brought up in regards to Rue's little suitcase situation since season 2, episode 5... That's three whole episodes. Weeks have gone by in the timeline! And by the sounds of Rue's closing season 2 monologue, it's now been months!

Is Laurie giving Rue a little more time before she sends her goons? Did Rue forget about the whole thing? Is she not even a little bit concerned that she has a lot of money to pay back? Is she maybe withholding certain things from her narration?

Just one small reference or call back probably would have been enough, but that very important plot point being left out of the finale has now left fans with a lot of questions.

What is behind the locked door in Laurie's house?

No, not the one in the living room that she unlocked to get that suitcase of drugs. The other one at the end of the hallway...

Some fans claim to have heard scratching coming from behind the door when the camera ominously panned over to it in episode 5, but, seeing as we have not returned to Laurie's drug den since then, we're still in the dark. It could be nothing! It could be all in Rue's imagination! But then again, she could have someone locked inside... Who knows!

Did Custer drop another bug at Fez's house?

When Custer arrived in episode 7, he stands in the hallway speaking to Faye and Fez before moving into the living room. But before he does, he appears to drop something in the plant divider separating the two rooms. Now, it could have been a stone, but some fans are convinced he dropped a second listening device.

It could be nothing, but if it does exist and it was recording, will Fez's conversation with Ash after Custer's murder end up being another problem for Fez?

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Euphoria: What is behind Laurie's locked door?
Euphoria: What is behind Laurie's locked door? Picture: HBO

Will Laurie get arrested thanks to Faye's false confession about her killing Mouse?

Assuming that the police were listening to Custer's bugs, will Faye's genius plan of putting Laurie's name, address and social security number on blast result in the drug dealer getting a visit from the police herself? And did Faye inadvertently save Rue's life by setting the cops on Laurie's tail?

Did Rue ever face any consequences for breaking in to a robbing a house?

How did Rue get away with breaking into someone's house, robbing them and then outrunning the police? No warrant out for her arrest? No repercussions? At all? Did she give the jewellery back? Hello?

Did Rue ever find out that Elliot and Jules were hooking up?

Not to drag up anymore drama now that Rue has started to make amends with both Jules and Elliot but like, does she know they were getting together? Some fans think it clicked for her during her intervention, others aren't convinced. Fingers crossed Rue and Jules are able to talk it out at some point in season 3.

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Euphoria: Does Rue ever face consequences for robbing a house?
Euphoria: Does Rue ever face consequences for robbing a house? Picture: HBO

What happened to Fez’s grandma after the raid?

Another question that needs to be answered in season 3... There was a very brief glimpse of Fez's grandma lying in bed at one point during the raid. The police would have likely done a sweep of the property shortly after taking out Ash and arresting Fez and Faye but like, is she ok? What's gonna happen to her? Where's she gonna go? Will Fez ever see her again?

Who was Kat’s mystery cam viewer?

Apart from a few short scenes between her and Ethan, Kat's storyline has been pretty much been non-existent in season 2. It doesn't help that the unanswered questions that we had about Kat's cam business at the end of season 1 weren't addressed in season 2 either.

Some fans thought the mysterious viewer would play into Kat's storyline further down the line. But does their identity even matter or should we just all move on? (We're guessing the latter, seeing as it was ignored this season...)

What's going on with McKay?

Seeing as most of the drama took place in East Highland this season, with none of the characters having a storyline connecting to McKay, it does makes sense that he was elsewhere.

But to ignore him completely? After having such a major part – and at times, a pretty heavy storyline – in season 1? Sure, he's off at college but how's he doing? What's going on? Is he getting field time? Will he return in season 3? Will someone at least mention him by name?

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Euphoria: McKay only appeared in one episode of season 2
Euphoria: McKay only appeared in one episode of season 2. Picture: HBO

Where is Nate's younger brother?

Some people might say, "let it go!" Others will simply dismiss it as a production mistake (even thought it's now appeared several times across two seasons). But seriously, who is Nate's younger brother?

Who is the third child in that Jacobs family portrait? Why was he not mentioned during Cal's big dick-out family smackdown? If he doesn't exist, why is he still in the photo? If he doesn't exist, why did they not change the photo for the second season?

Euphoria is not Riverdale (!!), so there is clearly not a big Scooby-Doo mystery surrounding this kid. But like, if he's dead, just say he's dead, you know what I mean? Put those of us who care out of our misery x

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What other questions do you want to see answered in Euphoria season 3?

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