Barbie Ferreira walked off the Euphoria season 2 set twice and sprained her ankle

25 February 2022, 13:03

Barbie Ferreira breaks her ankle filming Euphoria

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The news comes following rumours that Barbie Ferriera's Euphoria season 2 storylines were cut down after she clashed with showrunner Sam Levinson.

Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira reportedly walked off the season 2 set twice following clashes between her and Sam Levinson.

Euphoria might be one of the biggest shows on TV right now but season 2 has been plagued with rumours of drama behind the scenes. Multiple actresses from the show, including Sydney Sweeney and Minka Kelly, have opened up about asking showrunner Sam Levinson to cut nude scenes from the script and other stars have been left with injuries on set.

There have also been rumours that Kat's season 2 storylines were edited down after Barbie Ferreira fell out with Sam. Barbie has had notably less screen time in season 2 than in season 1, leaving many fans wondering why Kat isn’t getting major story arcs like Cassie and Maddy.

Now, it looks as though there may be some truth to the rumours that Barbie and Sam butted heads with each other on set.

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Barbie Ferreira walked off the Euphoria season 2 set twice and sprained her ankle
Barbie Ferreira walked off the Euphoria season 2 set twice and sprained her ankle. Picture: @barbieferreira via HBO, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

In a brand new Euphoria exposé, The Daily Beast reveal that they "spoke with a handful of production sources who claimed that Ferreira indeed walked off set at least two times—not including the time Ferreira had to be helped off after she slipped and fell twice, twisting her ankle during the filming of episode four’s hot tub-puking sequence."

Barbie actually referenced the time she twisted her ankle on set with a TikTok video in which she wrote: "U ever sprain your ankle simply walking to the bathroom at work...Euphoria season 2 braver than the troops". The Daily Beast also claim that "at least one sex scene involving Ferreira was cut from a final version of an episode".

According to The Daily Beast, HBO "declined to comment" on the rumours of drama and Barbie "did not respond to requests" for comment.

Barbie Ferreira opens up about Kat’s “self love” scene in episode 2

There has also reportedly been contention between the cast and Sam over Euphoria’s "long workdays that could stretch anywhere from 15 to 17 hours". The Daily Beast states that Sam "rarely came to set with a shot list—a detailed account of every camera shot the director wants during scenes and helps keep the production running smoothly—which often factored into the long set days." The New Year’s Eve party, for example, took over a week to film.

Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi, told Thrillist: "We shot all night, so we would start at 6pm and go until whenever the sun would rise—5am—and we were so tired. We were trying so hard to stay awake!”

Meanwhile, Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate, said: "The thing is, we do it for so long. We shot that party for over a week, so very quickly it’s like being in hell. It’s like being in a party that you don’t want to be in. At all. And you can’t wait [to leave]."

An extra recently exposed the "miserable" filming conditions during Lexi's play too.

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Algee Smith has barely appeared in Euphoria season 2 as McKay
Algee Smith has barely appeared in Euphoria season 2 as McKay. Picture: Eddy Chen/ HBO Max/ The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Elsewhere, fans have been confused by the fact that Euphoria main cast member Algee Smith, who plays McKay, has only appeared in one episode of season 2. Speaking to The Daily Beast about McKay's absence, Algee said; "I’m not even really sure, to be honest with you. I think that’s a question we have to ask our creator."

There were rumours that Algee was cut from the show after refusing to get vaccinated but HBO denied these rumours. They told The Daily Beast: "McKay’s storyline was written before the COVID-19 pandemic. To suggest otherwise would be incorrect."

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