Euphoria season 2 finale: Here's what happened to each character

28 February 2022, 14:44

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's what happened to Rue, Fez, Cassie, Maddy, Nate, Jules, Elliot, Cal and more in the Euphoria season 2 finale.

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Euphoria season 2 went out with bang last night. Literally. After an intense 8 episodes, the HBO drama finally came to a close with a dramatic police raid, a dramatic stage production and a hopeful voiceover from Zendaya's Rue.

Euphoria season 2 had everything: Rue's journey through addiction, intervention and sobriety, Cassie and Nate's messy relationship, the introduction of Faye, the introduction of Elliot, Jules' relationship with Rue and Elliot, Kat and Ethan's weird storyline, Laurie the drug dealer, Fez and Ashtray being Fez and Ashtray, Maddy realising things, Cal peeing on the floor, Lexi's play (!!!!)... but not all of it was wrapped up with a satisfying answer.

Here's a recap of what happened to each character at the end of Euphoria season 2, including the characters who died, the characters who ended up getting arrested and the characters who stayed in their own lane and minded their own business.

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WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Euphoria season 2 finale!

Euphoria season 2 finale recap: What happens to each character?
Euphoria season 2 finale recap: What happens to each character? Picture: HBO via YouTube

What happened to Rue?

After enjoying a thrilling yet emotional 2-hour experience in the audience of Lexi's play, Rue tells her best friend that she's grateful for the production because it was the first time she was able to look at her life and not hate herself for it.

In the end Rue makes amends with both Jules and Elliot, but things don't go completely back to normal between them. In her closing monologue, Rue lets the audience know that she remained sober and clean for the rest of the school year.

What happened to Jules?

After Lexi’s play ends, Jules sits next to Rue and tells her she loves her and misses her so much. Rue doesn't say a word but she kisses Jules on the head and walks out of the auditorium as Jules sits and cries.

What happened to Nate?

After storming out of Lexi's play, Nate gets in his car, downs a bottle of beer and loads a gun. He ends up driving to a warehouse that Cal has been staying in ever since he left the family home.

Nate approaches Cal with the gun, and then pulls a USB stick out of his pocket loaded with the video of Cal and Jules, and the rest of his underage sex tapes. Nate says he wants revenge, not an apology, before the police arrive and arrest Cal. Nate presumably gets off scot-free (again), and leaves with his loaded gun.

What happened to Cassie and Maddy?

In the finale, Cassie ends up making a huge scene in front of the audience of Lexi's play. Cassie starts attacking the actress portraying her when she sees her cringeworthy season 1 carousel moment played out on stage, and then gets her ass beat by Maddy who slaps her, chases her and throws her into a wall.

Maddy ends the fight with a tiny scratch on her foot, all 10 acrylic nails still in tact and not a smudge of makeup out of place, while Cassie ends up with a bloody nose and messy hair.

While the two end up sitting calmly in the bathroom shortly after their fight, Cassie and Maddy don't appear to be on great terms. When Cassie confesses that Nate broke up with her, Maddy tells her, “Don’t worry. This is just the beginning," before walking off.

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What happened to Lexi?

While the audience loved Lexi's play, she still has some guilt about the whole thing. Rue visits her to talk about how it made her feel and the two have a heart to heart about their respective dads.

What happened to Elliot?

Elliot doesn't play a huge part in the finale episode but Rue ends up visiting him. She forgives him and says that his actions might have saved her from dying. Rue tells him she's sober, but Elliot reveals that he's not.

Elliot then plays a (very long!) song written about their friendship. He asks Rue if they can still be friends, but Rue then reminds him that he once said that they were bad for each other. Elliot agrees. And that seems like the end of that... for now.

What happened to Fez?

Fez ends up getting shot by a stray bullet from Ash's gun and winds up lying on the floor for the majority of the police raid. After watching Ash get killed, Fez is then handcuffed and escorted out of the house by the police.

We don't see what happens to him next but fingers crossed he survives his injury... We'll likely have to wait until season 3 to find out how Fez is doing and whether or not he's gone to jail.

What happened to Ashtray?

After killing Custer, Ashtray locks himself in the bathroom as the police begin raiding Fez's house. He blindly shoots bullets through the door, with one hitting Fez in the stomach, as the police shoot back.

After an intense shoot out, Ash appears to get shot in the head by a member of the SWAT team. While we don't see his dead body on screen, it's very much implied that Ash has been killed.

What happened to Faye?

Faye is immediately handcuffed and arrested when the police storm Fez's house. We don't see her after that scene, so it's assumed that she's currently in police custody.

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What happened to Custer?

Custer is killed by Ashtray shortly after he shows up at Fez's house in order to trick the brothers into talking about Mouse's murder. While sitting on the sofa, Ash stabs him in the neck once he realises that he's about to drop them both into the hands of the police.

What happened to Cal?

Viewers hadn't seen Cal since he disappeared from the family home in episode 4, but towards the end of the finale, we finally find out where he was hiding.

Cal has been holed up in one of his warehouses, hanging out, listening to Kylie Minogue and drinking with a whole host of younger people. Nate manages to find him and turns up with a loaded gun and a USB full of Cal's underage sex tapes. Nate reveals he has called the police and Cal is arrested.

What happened to Ethan?

After his star turn in Lexi's play, Ethan is cheered on by the crowd as he steps onto the stage at Suze's request in the middle of Cassie's breakdown. We don't see much of Ethan after that, but we assume he's now surely on track to get into Juilliard, win a Tony and take over Broadway, right?! Right?! We'll find out in season 3.

What happened to Kat?

Kat, who still didn't get a single shred of a narrative of her own in these last few episodes, spends the episode chasing after Maddy who is chasing after Cassie. At the end of the episode, we see Kat standing next to Maddy in the bathroom. That's it.

What happened to Laurie?

Seriously... where is she? The terrifying drug dealer had been looming large over both Fez and Rue this season. But despite being mentioned in the finale episode, she wasn't seen at all.

While Custer was trying to get Fez to confess to Mouse's murder, Faye had a stroke of genius and started claiming that Laurie was the one who killed him. Assuming they were being wiretapped via Custer's phone, Faye dropped Laurie's name, occupation and address... but viewers don't get to see whether that actually amounted to anything with the police.

For now, Laurie's whereabouts, and motives with Rue and all that money she owes her, remain a mystery until season 3.

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