Maddy gets revenge on Cassie and Nate in shocking Euphoria season 2, episode 6 trailer

7 February 2022, 17:16

Maddy plots revenge in Euphoria season 2, episode 6 trailer

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Maddy says she wants to "murder" Cassie. There are also several close-ups of a gun and shots of Maddy, Cassie and Nate all crying in the trailer.

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HBO have put out the trailer for Euphoria season 2, episode 6 and it's all about Maddy getting revenge on Cassie and Nate.

In Euphoria season 2, episode 5, Maddy finally learns that Cassie has been sleeping with Nate. In front of Maddy, Rue asks Cassie: "How long have you been fucking Nate?" When Cassie struggles to deny it, Maddy screams: "I am literally gonna get violent. You are the most self-centred idiotic person I have ever met. You fuck my ex and you're fucking crying?"

Maddy then chases after Cassie but we never see what happens next because the episode centres on Rue's family finding out that she's relapsed and trying to get her to go to rehab. However, Euphoria season 2, episode 6 looks set to focus on Maddy, Cassie and Nate and, judging from the trailer, it's going to be one of the most dramatic episodes yet.

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Maddy gets revenge on Cassie and Nate in shocking Euphoria season 2, episode 6 trailer
Maddy gets revenge on Cassie and Nate in shocking Euphoria season 2, episode 6 trailer. Picture: HBO

In the Euphoria season 2, episode 6 trailer, Cassie can be seen crying and shouting: "They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend!" to her mum and Lexi. The screen then cuts to Nate telling someone: "Don't worry, I'm not here to apologise." We then see an actual gun being loaded on-screen before it cuts to Maddy saying: "I think I actually want to murder her."

It's unclear whether the gun belongs to Maddy or not but we then see that Maddy is talking to someone on the phone, who then asks her: "What about Nate?" In response, Maddy simply says: "I have a few ideas." We then see another shot of a gun, this time next to Cal's tape, as well as more shots of Cassie, Nate and Maddy crying.

There's also a shot of Maddy lying with the tape of Cal and Jules having sex on her lap.

Sydney Sweeney opens up about Rue revealing Cassie’s secret

Whether Maddy would actually kill Cassie or Nate is yet to be seen. Still, a fight scene seems definite. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, recently let slip that Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy, accidentally broke her toe while filming a dramatic Cassie and Maddy scene.

Not to mention, there's a good chance that she could leak that Cal and Jules tape. There are also theories that either Maddy or Cassie will get pregnant in a bid to trap Nate in a relationship with them.

Whatever happens, we are forming a prayer circle for Cassie's safety. How do you think will Maddy get revenge?

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