Euphoria fans discover tragic detail in Rue and Jules' Lovers montage

2 February 2022, 15:56

Hunter Schafer explains Jules’ relationships with Rue and Nate in ‘Euphoria’

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"The fact that these tragic films deal with a character’s death..."

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As Euphoria season 2 dives deeper into Cassie and Nate's messy relationship, Cal Jacob's backstory and Lexi's new storyline, Rue and Jules' relationship remains at the heart of the show.

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The couple have found themselves being tested this season, thanks to the introduction of Elliot and the fact that Rue is very much not sober. That said, season 2 has still given us some adorable Rules moments, including the Lover's montage that opened season 2, episode 4.

At first glance, the whole thing is just a beautiful, visually stunning montage celebrating Rue and Jules' love for one another. But fans have now noticed a few key details about the characters that Rue dreamt up for her and Jules.

And uhhh, it's not looking great for ol' Rue Rue.

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Euphoria's Lovers montage hints at devastating fate for Rue and Jules
Euphoria's Lovers montage hints at devastating fate for Rue and Jules. Picture: HBO via Alamy, HBO via YouTube

At first, Rue imagines Jules as the centrepiece of some of the world's most famous artwork, as well as some images featuring the two of them together. The references include Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus', Annie Leibovitz's famous photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, René Magritte's 'The Lovers II' and Frida Kahlo's 'Self-Portrait as a Tehuana'.

The montage then transitions into Rue and Jules reenacting some iconic scenes from Hollywood love stories, including Ghost, Titanic and Brokeback Mountain. The pair are also turned into animated characters as they reenact Snow White.

Now, fans have realised that three of the films that Rue imagined herself in with Jules all feature a tragic character death. Even more worrying, the characters that Rue plays in each of the films are the ones that die.

Rue plays Titanic's Jack Dawson, Brokeback Mountain's Jack Twist, and Ghost's Sam Wheat, who all tragically die long before their love interests.

Considering this montage is coming from the mind of Rue, the meaning behind her specific choices could signify that she simply doesn't see herself surviving very long. Or that she believes her and Jules' relationship is doomed and that they will not end up together despite how much they love each other.

It could also be an ominous foreshadowing moment that hints towards Rue's death at some point in the series.

Of course, several of the other images in the montage don't play into that exact 'Rue is going to die' theory but the symbolism and the 'tragic love story' behind the majority of them could possibly reflect the way Rue views their relationship.

Euphoria season 2's fourth episode episode left viewers wondering if Rue had overdosed again, or maybe even died thanks to Jules speaking as the narrator for the first time. (The latter is unlikely though, seeing as there's still scenes in the season 2 trailers that show Rue alive.)

There has also been a long running theory with fans suggesting Rue might have been dead since the very first episode, and she's been narrating the show from beyond the grave.

With four more episodes to go in season 2, and perhaps another season on the cards thanks to the show's overwhelming success, we likely won't find out Rue and Jules' fates until the end of the series.

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