13 reasons why Rue and Jules should break up for good in Euphoria

9 February 2022, 17:28

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Two beautiful ladies stand before me but they should not be dating each other.

Rue and Jules may be one of Euphoria's most iconic couples but I think we can all agree that they should not be girlfriends.

Ever since the first season of Euphoria came out back in 2019, fans have been gripped by Rue (Zendaya) and Jules' (Hunter Schafer) love story. The couple started out as friends but quickly developed romantic feelings for each other and, over the course of two seasons, they've broken up, got back together and, most recently, appear to have broken up again.

Given that this is a teen drama, it's highly likely that Rue and Jules will date each other again in the future. However, for the sake of their health and well-being, here are 13 reasons why the beloved characters would be better off apart.

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Euphoria: Rue and Jules should break up for good and here's why
Euphoria: Rue and Jules should break up for good and here's why. Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo via HBO

1) If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

RuPaul didn't lie. One of the main problems in Rue and Jules' relationship is that they are still learning to love themselves. With all their doubt and insecurities, they are unable to be there for each other in the ways that both of them deserve.

2) That's why their relationship is so toxic, it's full of secrets

You can't build a relationship on a bed of lies and Rue and Jules lie to each other way too often. In season 1, Jules keeps Tyler's identity secret from Rue and, in season 2, Rue keeps the fact that she's been doing drugs with Elliot secret from Jules. Without honest communication, their relationship is toxic.

3) Jules literally cheats on Rue

Rue and Jules never make clear if their relationship is monogamous but it's pretty evident that Rue has eyes for no one but Jules. Meanwhile, Jules tells Rue that she is also in love with Anna in season 1 and sleeps with Elliot behind Rue's back in season 2. They don't need to be in a monogamous relationship but they should be honest and on the same page.

4) Rue is way too dependent on Jules

Throughout Euphoria it becomes clear that Rue partly treats her relationship with Jules as a substitute for her addiction. Not only does this put way too much pressure on the two of them but it also means that Rue struggles to be independent and this isn't healthy for either of them. Rue needs to get to a space where she can be clean with or without Jules.

5) Rue blames Jules for her relapse

While Rue and Jules love each other deeply, Rue still harbours a lot of resentment towards Jules over her relapse. Of course, Jules didn't actively cause Rue to relapse but Rue associates her relapse with Jules abandoning her. Until Rue works past this, their relationship will suffer.

6) Nothing good starts in a getaway car

Season 1 ends with Rue and Jules deciding to flee their lives on a train. However, last-minute, Rue decides not to and Jules still leaves without her. While they don't go through with the getaway together, the idea that changing location can fix a relationship is dangerous. Rue and Jules have more issues than where they live.

7) Jules' own mother is an addict

Jules has a history with addicts. Her own mother suffers from addiction. While this makes her more aware of Rue's issues, it's also a lot for a teenager to deal with, particularly given that Rue is in such an unstable place.

8) How do you solve a problem like Elliot?

In season 2, Elliot becomes a confidant for both Rue and Jules. However, the pair end up keeping secrets from each other through their friendship with him and it all comes to a head in episode 5 after Elliot tells Jules that he's been doing drugs with Rue and Jules tells Rue's family. This then leads to Rue losing it and seemingly breaking up with Jules.

Meanwhile, Rue still doesn't know that Elliot and Jules have been sleeping together.

9) They are living in a fantasy

Often Rue and Jules pretend that everything is okay in their relationship when it clearly isn't. Both of them are so scared of disappointing each other that they keep things from each other and end up hurting each other. As fun as a fantasy is, true relationships only work when those involved have their feet grounded in reality.

10) They have too much baggage

Between all the breakups and the dishonesty, Rue and Jules have hurt each other too much to work as a couple. No amount of love can make up for the fact that they still haven't worked through their issues with each other.

Euphoria: Rue and Jules should break up for good and here's why (2)
Euphoria: Rue and Jules should break up for good and here's why (2). Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo via HBO

11) Right person, wrong time

There's no denying that Rue and Jules have incredible chemistry and love each other deeply. However, neither of them are in the right space to date each other. Maybe in the future, things could work out but, for now, they're better off apart.

12) Some people are better off as friends

Rue and Jules started out as friends and maybe it's time that they go back to being platonic. Just because someone isn't meant for you romantically, doesn't mean that they're not meant to be in your life.

13) It's a teen drama

We all love an endgame couple but every teen drama relationship needs peaks and valleys. Give us new love interests! If Rue and Jules do end up together at the end of the show, it would be fun to see them both date some new characters before settling down with each other.

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