Euphoria fans have a theory that Maddy will get pregnant with Nate's baby and I'm literally shaking

3 February 2022, 17:05

Sydney Sweeney reveals Alexa Demie broke her toe filming Euphoria

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Euphoria fans have a brand new season 2 theory and this one involves Maddy purposely getting pregnant with Nate's baby.

Ever since Euphoria debuted in 2019, fans have been come up with multiple elaborate theories about the hit TV show. Some believe Rue is dead and is narrating the show from beyond the grave, others think Marsha got pregnant with Cal's baby to sabotage his relationship with Derek and now there is a theory that Cassie is about to do the same to Nate and Maddy.

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However, Cassie isn't the only character at the centre of a fan theory about pregnancy. Viewers are convinced that Maddy could try to get pregnant with Nate's baby instead and there are multiple on-screen hints that imply they could be right.

Is Maddy pregnant in Euphoria season 2?

Is Maddy pregnant? The Euphoria season 2 theory explained
Is Maddy pregnant? The Euphoria season 2 theory explained. Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

Yes. We have literally seen Nate have a vision of Cassie pregnant and learned about his dreams to start a family with her but what if that is a red herring. In season 2, Maddy becomes a babysitter and in episode 2, she says to Kat: "I feel like I would look so sexy pregnant". She appears to be half-joking and Kat tells her not to but what if it's foreshadowing the future.

When Maddy finds out about Nate and Cassie, we know that she's gonna be furious with them both. It's possible that like Marsha, she will get pregnant in order to secure Nate as a baby daddy and end his relationship with Cassie. One person tweeted: "Omg my friend predicted that Maddy is going to get pregnant with Nate’s baby to get back at Cassie."

If Nate actually wants to be with Cassie but feels like he has to stay with Maddy, this would actually directly mirror what appeared to happen between his dad, Marsha and Derek as well.

Whether or not Maddy or Cassie will get pregnant in Euphoria season 2 remains to be seen. However, it seems definite that Maddy will find out about Cassie and Nate's secret relationship and it sounds like there's a fight scene incoming. Sydney Sweeney recently revealed that Alexa Demie accidentally broke her toe filming a dramatic Cassie and Maddy scene.

What do you think? Will Maddy or Cassie get pregnant or are fans reading too much into things?

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