Euphoria's Jacob Elordi opens up about filming "weird" nude scenes

3 March 2022, 12:49

Jacob Elordi explains Nate’s nude scenes in Euphoria

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"You have no choice. You know, it's like every scene is like, 'He sleeps with this person, he does this with this person. Naked.'"

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Well, Euphoria season 2 gave us its fair share of nudity, didn't it? Nate and Cassie's sex scenes, Cal's wild full frontal meltdown, the now infamous 'toilet guy' scene...

Viewers have often been pretty vocal about some of the more unnecessary shots of genitals and topless moments scattered throughout the show, but the cast have frequently explained that the show's use of an intimacy coordinator makes sure that they're comfortable with what they're showing in each scene.

The latest actor to open up about his nude scenes is Jacob Elordi, who explained to Ellen DeGeneres what it's like to bare it all on-screen, and how nudity is pretty much as part of Nate's character on the show.

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Jacob Elordi on Nate's nude scenes in Euphoria
Jacob Elordi on Nate's nude scenes in Euphoria. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO, HBO

While chatting on The Ellen Show, Ellen asked Jacob: "And you're naked a lot. How does that feel– Is that something when they write you into the script do they say 'Hey, how do you feel about being naked?' Or are you all of a sudden just surprised like, 'Oh, I have to be naked?'"

Jacob then admitted: "You have no choice. You know, it's like every scene is like, 'He sleeps with this person, he does this with this person. Naked.'"

While he's had his fair share of nude and shirtless scenes on Euphoria, Jacob also called out some of his previous projects that required him to be shirtless for absolutely no reason at all: "I've done some movies where it gets to the point where it's like, 'he goes to the mall shirtless'. And you're like, why? What would you possibly like, need–".

Jacob then explained why nudity makes sense in the context of Nate's character, saying: "I think on Euphoria it comes with the territory of the character. You know, he's this ultra-masculine, macho jock, so those guys I think tend to get around pretty shirtless. So it's sort of OK."

One major aspect of the nude scenes on Euphoria is the show's use of an intimacy coordinator, who looks after, supports, and makes sure the actors are comfortable while shooting nude scenes, sex scenes and kissing scenes.

Jacob went on to explain what his relationship is like with the on-set professional: "We have an intimacy coordinator, her name is Mam. She's like a second mother. She's like, 'Are you comfortable, are you OK?' to the point where you're like 'Yeah yeah, I'm fine.'

"And the crew has been the same from the first season through the second season, so it's kind of like getting naked in front of your family."

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Jacob Elordi reveals Euphoria 'stunt penis' behind-the-scenes secrets

Over the past couple of months, several Euphoria actors have spoken in interviews about the amount of – sometimes unnecessary – nude scenes in the show.

Sydney Sweeney previously opened up about her nude scenes, and explained how she has never felt uncomfortable while working with the show's intimacy coordinator, and how she's able to say no to director Sam Levinson when she thinks something doesn’t feel quite right.

Minka Kelly, who joined the cast as Maddy's babysitting boss Samantha, also revealed that she asked for a nude scene to be removed in her first scene on the show because she "didn’t feel comfortable standing there naked.” At her request, Levinson changed the scene.

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