Euphoria actor explains how explicit sex scene with Eric Dane was filmed

20 January 2022, 14:38

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Actor Christin Byrdsong has opened up about his experience filming a sex scene with Eric Dane in Euphoria season 2.

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By now, everyone who watches Euphoria is pretty much used to all the graphic sex scenes, genitalia and naked bodies that frequently appear throughout the show. Would it even be an episode of Euphoria without any of it at this point?

That said, some viewers might not know how those scenes are actually filmed (they're not real!) and it's always interesting to learn how the show actually goes about creating those moments.

In the second episode of Euphoria season 2, viewers are shown a pretty graphic sexual moment between an unknown character and Eric Dane's Cal Jacobs. The actor in question is Christin Byrdsong, and he is sharing his behind-the-scenes experience working with Eric and the show's intimacy coordinator on Twitter.

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Euphoria actor explains how sex scene with Eric Dane was filmed
Euphoria actor explains how sex scene with Eric Dane was filmed. Picture: HBO via Alamy, @csongbyrd13 via Twitter

The scene appears within the first 3 minutes of the episode while Rue is narrating Nate's dream sequence, and basically involves Christin's character, who appears to be naked, sitting on Cal Jacobs' face.

Christin wrote that it was "a dream to work" on Euphoria, "with the incredible director, and multitalented actors." He also shared his excitement about getting to work with Eric Dane and "film fake sex scene with a childhood crush/actor inspiration!"

Responding to viewers' questions on Twitter, Christin also explained how the scene was actually filmed.

"The actual filming was incredibly professional. Totally fake," he told his followers. "A piece was built by the intimacy coach to go between his face & my butt. Super chill & professional. Been a fan of Eric since I was 9. Acting since 3. Truly a milestone for me. We are coached and safe."

He also added: "I’m not naked lol The top of my but is bare. Everything else is covered and I’m literally holding myself over his face. They take sex scenes very seriously. There are regulations made by SAG-AFTRA to make sure everyone is comfy and safe. I wore a robe to and from set."

Christin also praised his scene partner Eric Dane, saying: "Truly a gem of a man. So professional and chill. I talked to him about Charmed cause I was obsessed as a kid. Still am actually. Lol He’s just a really good guy."

Christin also explained to one fan that "there is an intimacy coach on set" and that the entire scene, no matter how short it played out on screen, was "choreographed."

To make sure actors are comfortable, safe and respected while filming any kind of kissing or sex scene, Euphoria employs an intimacy coordinator who works with the cast, and choreographs pretty much all of the sexual scenes you see in the show.

Back in 2019, Eric Dane spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the intimacy coordinator helped him shoot his full frontal scene: “It helps to have one voice in your ear. One voice that you can express your feelings to, and somebody that is an advocate for the actors. It just simplifies a lot of things and makes for a safe and comfortable environment while shooting something that is fairly uncomfortable to shoot."

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