Chloe Cherry reveals hilarious Euphoria scenes with Zendaya that got cut

26 January 2022, 17:25

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Chloe Cherry plays Cluster's girlfriend Faye who lives with Fez and Ashtray in Euphoria season 2.

Euphoria's Chloe Cherry has opened up about working with Zendaya and the scenes they filmed that got cut from season 2.

Chloe Cherry is one of Euphoria season 2's breakout stars. Until now, Chloe Cherry has been best known for her work in the adult film industry but she's currently winning over a whole new legion of fans with her performance as Cluster's girlfriend Faye in Euphoria season 2. Faye lives with Fez, and Chloe regularly steals the show with her hilarious line deliveries.

Now, Chloe has let slip that some iconic scenes between Faye and Rue have been left out of Euphoria's second season.

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Chloe Cherry reveals hilarious Euphoria scenes with Zendaya that got cut
Chloe Cherry reveals hilarious Euphoria scenes with Zendaya that got cut. Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking to i-D, Chloe said: "The team shoots so much, and there’s hours of lost tape that doesn’t make it to air."

Chloe then explained: "There was this one conversation that got cut where Rue’s talking about Jules, and she goes, 'Have you ever seen that movie where it's two people who have a terminal illness that forces them to stay like five feet apart from each other at all times. It's crazy how love can be like that.'"

And I go, 'Yeah dude, have you ever seen that movie where people are swimming with sharks and the boat leaves without them? And then they just die in the shark-infested water.' She's like, 'Oh yeah… Yeah, I did hear about that one.'"

Chloe continued: "Then we have this weird drug-addled conversation about how there's no such thing as perfect love. Zendaya says, 'When have you ever seen two people just fall in love, and then they actually just stay in love forever? It has never happened.' I wish they kept that in there."

Petition for HBO to release all of Faye and Rue's deleted scenes.

As for what Zendaya's like to work with, Chloe said: "It’s shocking how normal and chill she is. She's just a real person. She liked good memes. I’m so happy that she's my generation's A-lister. She's relatable and aspirational."

We have no choice but to stan.

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