Euphoria's Chloe Cherry reveals she improvised Faye's funniest lines

8 March 2022, 13:06

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"[Sam Levinson] let me improv every scene we shot, basically."

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Euphoria season 2 introduced us to a handful of new characters, including Martha Kelly's terrifying Laurie, Minka Kelly's glamorous Samantha, and Cal's teenage love Derek. But none were as chaotically iconic as Chloe Cherry's Faye.

Faye is introduced in season 2 episode 1 as Custer's girlfriend, fellow drug-taker and new acquaintance of Rue. She ends up moving in with Fez and Ashtray and basically spends the entire season hanging out, trying not to get caught up in Custer's police snitching schemes and churning out hilarious one-liners.

Turns out, a handful of Faye's most iconic lines were actually improvised by the actress herself. Speaking on The Polyester Podcast's The Sleepover Club, Chloe revealed that showrunner Sam Levinson let her improv most of Faye's scenes and a couple of on-the-spot moments actually ended up in the show.

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Chloe Cherry improved Faye's funniest lines in Euphoria
Chloe Cherry improved Faye's funniest lines in Euphoria. Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images, HBO

As Euphoria fans will know, the actors on the show are able to share their own thoughts and suggest ideas for their characters with Levinson during filming.

Sydney Sweeney previously revealed that she and Jacob Elordi asked for Cassie and Nate's argument to be extended, and now Chloe has shared that she was able to improvise some of Faye's lines in the show too.

"I improved a lot," Chloe said, before revealing two of the improved quotes. "I improved some of my favourite lines of mine... 'You're probably eating that ginger's ass', that line. And then the one that was like, 'Do you and your son f*ck people together?'"

She added: "Sam is so great. He's so creative with his directing. He will let us improv. He let me improv every scene we shot, basically. We would shoot it normal, and then he'd be like, 'OK, now this take Chloe just say whatever you want.' There was like way more of it. I would go on and on."

Chloe Cherry on Faye’s relationship with Fez and Ashtray in Euphoria

Chloe then went on to share the hilarious improvised conversation that she and Zendaya made up while Faye and Rue were sitting in the back of the car in episode 1. She previously shared the same story in an interview with i-D.

Discussing the cut scene, Chloe said: "We had this moment were she says, 'Have you ever seen that movie where those two people are dying of a terminal illness and it forces them to be five feet apart at all times?'

"And then I say, 'Oh yeah, that reminds me of that other movie. Have you ever seen that one where those two people, they go out on that boat and they like, go scuba diving with these sharks and the boat leaves and they're just stranded out there to die?'"

Elsewhere in the interview, Chloe said she was sworn to secrecy about whether or not she'd be returning as Faye in Euphoria season 3. Fingers crossed our chaotic fave returns for another season!

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