Euphoria faces backlash over its animated Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson sex scene

1 July 2019, 12:57

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

One Direction fans are calling out Euphoria for its graphic 'Larry Stylinson' fanfiction.

This week's episode of Euphoria included an animated Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fanfic sex scene and One Direction fans are calling it out.

Euphoria is no stranger to controversy. Since the HBO series debuted last month, it's divided viewers with its frank approach to sex, drugs and teen life at large. The pilot episode featured a graphic, statutory rape scene with Cal (Eric Dane) and Jules (Hunter Schafer) and the second episode contained a locker room scene with a lot penises.

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Now, the show is receiving backlash from One Direction fans after episode three opens with an animated Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson gay sex scene, based on fanfiction written by one of the characters.

One Direction fans call out Euphoria for its Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson sex scene
One Direction fans call out Euphoria for its Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson sex scene. Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty Images // HBO

The episode focuses on Barbie Ferreira's character Kat. Kat is popular fanfiction writer and Zendaya's character Rue reveals in a voiceover that Kat may have been responsible for "starting the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theory. That Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction were secretly fucking."

Rue then reads out one of Kat's many Larry Stylinson fanfictions, accompanied by an explicit animation.

Rue narrates: "It's the first night of the Take Me Home tour. Louis was unusually nervous. His mouth was dry, palms sweating. When suddenly, he felt the press of Harry's body from behind. Harry could sense the nervous tension running through Louis' stiff body. LOUIS: 'What are you doing?' HARRY: 'To calm your neves. You're my best mate and this is what mates do for one another.'"

She then continues: "LOUIS: 'But Harry what if someone sees?' HARRY: 'Let them.' As Harry takes Louis into his mouth with surprising ease, he begins to suck his cock with torturous finesse." All the while, we see an animated version of Harry performing oral sex on an animated version of Louis, before it pans out to show them involved in a 69 as an animated version of Kat watches on.

You can watch the scene below, thanks to a video posted by a fan calling out the series.

Naturally, One Direction fans aren't impressed with the scene. While there are fans who, like Kat, have written Larry Stylinson fanfiction and theorised that the two stars secretly dated, it's since become apparent that neither Harry nor Louis appreciate the fanfiction. In fact, many fans have speculated that the rumours heavily affected Harry and Louis' friendship and have called for people to stop writing it.

In response to the Euphoria scene, one fan wrote: "this shit is so nasty and embarrassing. things like this are the reason why they’re not close anymore. and the fact that they used harry and louis’ real names makes it worse". Meanwhile, another said "i’m so annoyed that euphoria is actually gonna have an animated sex scene between harry and louis. it’s so disrespectful to them".

Here are just a few of the people criticising Euphoria.

Of course, there are teenagers like Kat, who write Larry Stylinson fanfiction. Including the scene is very in keeping with the tone of Euphoria. That being said, it's easy to see why One Direction fans take issue with it.

As it stands, Harry and Louis are yet to comment on the scene. We shall update you if they do.

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