On My Block season 2 ending: All of the theories behind the shocking cliffhanger

1 April 2019, 17:27

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

'On My Block' fans are coming up with theories to explain the season 2 ending...

On My Block season 2 is officially here and fans are losing it over the shocking cliffhanger in the ending of the Netflix series.

Will On My Block be renewed for season 3?

Ever since On My Block season 1 ended in 2018, fans were desperate to watch season 2 and it's safe to say that it does not disappoint. Fans found out how the devastating events of the season 1 finale affect the show's cast (Ruby deserves the world). In addition to that, viewers also saw character development, drama, and bucket loads of that On My Block charm which we fell in love with in season 1. Still it's the wild plot twist at the end that everyone is talking about.

How did On My Block season 2 end and what are the theories?

On My Block season 2 ending - All of the kidnapping theories
On My Block season 2 ending - All of the kidnapping theories. Picture: Netflix

At first it seems as though On My Block season 2 was ending on a positive note. In the show's final episode, Spooky, Cesar, Ruby, Monse, Jamal and Jasmine all team up to successfully set up The Prophets (the gang responsible for Olivia's murder) and get them arrested. However, after everything that's happened (including Cesar sleeping with another girl) Monse decides to move out of Freeridge and go to an all girls boarding school.

At the end of the season finale, Monse tells Cesar, Ruby and Jamal that she's leaving but they all dismiss her and don't take her seriously. She then turns around to abandon the boys for good and, whilst she is refusing to look back, all three of them are kidnapped by men in black hoods. Moments later, Monse turns around and is confused as to where they've gone but then she is kidnapped too and the show ends.

Crazy right?!! As it stands, most viewers reckon that The Prophets are behind the kidnapping given that not all of them were arrested and they certainly have motive for it (revenge). Others think that Lil' Ricky may actually be alive and wants his Roller World money back (possible). Of course, there are those who think that its The Santos (out of protection) or the police (out of protection). Whoever it is, fans are shook.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Discussing the ending, the show's creator Lauren Iungerich told TV Guide: "We have an awesome story planned for Season 3, if we get a Season 3. I think what we have in store is a fun, surprising reveal in Season 3." She then spoked about what's in store for the core four: "I think they're definitely going to be in danger, that's for sure. But it might not be what you think it is."

Oh boy?!! As it stands our bet is with The Prophets or Lil' Ricky as they seem to make the most sense. Still, literally anything can happen on this show and we wouldn't be surprised if it's someone completely different. Regardless of who did it, we're hoping and praying that Monse, Cesar, Ruby and Jamal are safe. We can't lose another key character. Not again.

What did you think of the ending? Who is behind the kidnapping?